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    Momentum and Collisions with a Spring

    Homework Statement There is a frictionless table 1 meter above the ground. A spring is on one end of the table with a constant of 200N*m that is compressed .5m by a block of 5kg. The block of 5kg is released and then collides with a 2kg block also sitting on the table. a. Find the velocity...
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    Tension Troubles

    Hey, I have heard a few things about tension I am unsure about and would like to check. Is it true if there is a string hanging with both ends and the same mass on each the tension is equal to the mass of one of the weights times gravity? (ex. on each end of hanging string and pulley 500N, so...
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    Angular Revolution

    Hey, I ran into a few things about angular quantites and am a little confused on finding the number of revolutions something such as a tire would make. Would the distance traveled divided by a circumference of a circle equal the number of revolutions? I was finding that there are equations that...
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    Torque Tension

    A 2-m long uniform rod AB is suspended horizontal by two vertical strings attached to the ends A and B. The rod has a mass of .6kg. A mass of 2kg suspended from the rod .8m from the end A. Determine the Tension in each string. Hi, I have a physics worksheet I am trying to work on. This has...
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    Centripetal Motion and Masses at the Fair

    Hi, I was told about Centripetal Motion and learned some about rides at the fairs. There is one ride with chairs hanging by a chain in a circle that simply rotates at a certain speed without turning at any angle. Does anyone understand why all of the chairs move up at the same angle even though...
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    Trig Solve for Solution Within Interval

    Hi, I have a problem that says to solve this equation for the interval 0<theta<2 pie which is one revolution of the unit circle. The equation is: (square root of 2)(cos 2theta) = 1 The cos2theta is a double angle, but I couldn't find any solutions for theta that would = 1 at the end. The...
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    Trigonometric Identity

    Hi, I have a question about a problem: 1/2csc(THETA)sec(THETA) I have to find the identity for it and I know that csc is 1/sin and sec is 1/cos but after that I don't see where it can lead to a simple answer. If anyone knows it would be helpful, thanks!
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    Forces on an Inclined Plane Question

    Hi I have a problem that reads: A car drives downhill on a road that is inclined 20 degrees to the horizontal. At a speed on 30 m/s the driver suddenly brakes until the car stops (coefficent of kinetic friction = .8, coefficent of static friction = .9). A. When all of the wheels are locked...
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    Quick Question On Force Diagrams

    Hi, I have had a slight confusion on the Force and Free-Body Diagrams. I know that they are represented by arrows for the vectors in the direction of the force and that forces exerted on the object are shown. Are the forces exerted by the object also shown for the Force and Free-Body Diagrams...
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    Problem with Forces and Newton's Laws

    Hi, I have a problem on my homework for AP Physics. I have the answer from the back but need to figure out why I am not getting the right solution. There is also an angle in the problem and I don't know what I am supposed to use it for or in what equation. The problem is: A 40.0kg wagon is...