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  1. _maxim_

    Alternatives to creeping contacts for high frequencies

    I anticipate immediately that I am not sure if this is the right place to ask my question, in case I had made a mistake I would migrate willingly into the relevant area. I have an RF circuit on small PCB board (about 3x2 cm) that moves along a vertical axis in a measuring probe (it serves...
  2. _maxim_

    Making a system with mobile electrical contacts

    Hi all, want to realize a system for a PCB which holds a solenoid coil moving in a vertical axis long about 600 mm. The coil must get electric contact only in some predefined positions so that, for a given quote, the coil connects to a different LC circuit for having different resonant frequency...
  3. _maxim_

    Moving a solenoid coil in a strong magnetic field

    Hi guys, a solenoid coil 10x4 mm needs to be moved along the vertical axis of a strong magnetic field (up to 14 Tesla) generated by a superconducting magnet. The coil must be contained into a classical probe for NMR spectroscopy, and moved vertically inside that probe. The main issue I am facing...
  4. _maxim_

    A Best coil design for homogeneus NMR RF pulse on liquid discs

    Hi there, we have a NMR spectrometer equipped with a standard bore 54mm cryomagnet working at 14.1 T (600 MHz Larmor Frequency) produced by Oxford. I would implement a special probe capable of generating a RF pulse and reading a NMR answer from a sample that is not standard for such...
  5. _maxim_

    Dc dc dual converter USB powered

    Hi, I am looking for a compact (possibly a on-chip solution) high efficiency DC-DC dual converter powered by a USB 2 port. The aim is to supply a dual voltage to a logic circuit for driving audio signals from/through different channels, as in an audio switch I.e. MAX4910 or 4912. Any idea...
  6. _maxim_

    Small sphere or cylinder filled by a solvent

    how can I create a spheric glass ball or a closed cylinder containing a solvent as acetone or methanol? the ideal would be without air bubble inside and diameter in the range of 2-4 mm thanx max
  7. _maxim_

    Ultra small temperature sensor

    I need to read out the temperature of ZrO2 devices which rotate along their axis between 10-100 kHz by using dry compressed air. The external diameters of each device are: 1mm, 3mm or 4mm, and they rotate inside a special stator The actual rotation speed is read by an optical fiber...
  8. _maxim_

    Low-noise low-consumption IN/OUT line switcher

    Hi guys, I need some idea on how to realize a simple IN/OUT line switcher. The fact: a small room for meetings with amplified mixer, a PC with Skype, an human operator, people in the room and outside (via Skype). The use: a lecturer talks to people using a MIC and the PC drives the signal...
  9. _maxim_

    High precision, good accuracy Current Source Schematic

    I am looking for a schematic diagram of a compact, temperature compensated, stabilized, high precision (accuracy within 0.5% or less) current source. The target current should be easily set to 100/150 mA, no matter if discrete or integrated solutions must be used. This project will be...
  10. _maxim_

    Schematic for Holographic Projection

    Hi PF members, where I can find application notes for making a small Holographic Projector? I am looking for a schematic diagram of a small, compact and reliable Holographic Projector, based on LED or Laser emitter. I am completely new on this application, so let be as more exhaustive as...
  11. _maxim_

    Hall Effect Magnetic Flux Sensor in very Strong Magnetic Fields

    Dear PFs I am facing a problem with finding a good Hall-effect magnetic flux sensor which should be fixed in the top of a probe working in a very intense magnetic field. The probe must be aligned to a certain degree with respect to the direction of the main field. The requested alignement...
  12. _maxim_

    Cylindrical glass boll (sealed, containing solvent) for RF detector

    Dear all, here's my first request for a little help (maybe also in finding the proper subforum...) I'm working as developer and scientific consultant in a lab for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance at high field (> 21 Tesla), and I have to create a suitable probe for checking the stability of a...