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  1. chongkuan123

    Uniformly Charged Sheet

    Homework Statement A charge of 4.1 nC is placed uniformly on a square sheet of nonconducting material, with side 19.0 cm, that lies in a horizontal plane. 1. What is the magnitude of the electric field just above the center of the sheet? The same charge is placed on a horizontal square...
  2. chongkuan123

    Torque Problem Please Help

    Homework Statement A nonuniform, horizontal bar of mass m is supported by two massless wires against gravity. The left wire makes an angle ϕ1 with the horizontal, and the right wire makes an angle ϕ2. The bar has length L. Find the position of the center of mass of the bar, x, measured from...
  3. chongkuan123

    Rotational Energy, Moment of Inertia Problem

    Homework Statement Energy is released by the Crab Nebula at a rate of about 5×10^31W, about 105 times the rate at which the sun radiates energy. The Crab Nebula obtains its energy from the rotational kinetic energy of a rapidly spinning neutron star at its center. This object rotates once...