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    Need some advice

    Not really. Coming into the U.S. is hard enough. Becoming a citizen is even harder. My parents have some friends in China and they have been trying over 10 years to bring them here and make them citizens.
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    Need some advice

    I am a citizen but all defense contractors I've applied ask anyways. Defense employers ask every potential hires if they are a citizen or not. It is required to getting a clearance too. Lol, this is sad but very true. I can safely say that a number of foreigners become citizens by marriage...
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    Need some advice

    You mostly likely need U.S. citizenship to work for defense contractors. I've applied to both small and large contractors. All of them required me to be a U.S. citizen during their phone screenings/interviews.
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    Schools How important are the first 2 years of college?

    In my experience, most schools were only concerned with the last 2 years of my college studies. Both courses and GPA-wise. I failed half my courses during my first year and had a 2.4 GPA overall. But my core major GPA was well over 3.0. I still ended up going and finishing graduate school at a...
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    Programs Going into a field unrelated to my undergrad degree?

    I went from BA in Physics to a MS in Comp Engineering. Never took a single CS/computer class. I knew programming from personal projects/experience. They had me take the basic courses to get started, which is typically data structures, algorithms, and an intro to an OO language. It's all you...
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    Re: M.Sc(I.T) isELIGIBILITY FOR DOING M.S???? I don't understand. So you just got a MS in IT but want to do another MS in another field out of your country?
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    Did I just torched some bridges?

    So today, I told my advisor that I needed to submit a plan of study by the end of this semester. Originally I was suppose to go the thesis route, but I decided to just take the safe route and take the extra courses to graduate instead of possibly extending my graduation and failing the defense...
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    Thesis or no thesis

    Well, the department requirements are at least 6 credits of thesis work and a defense. Most of the masters thesis I've seen are about 80+ pages. As for the topic, well, since the lab is under my advisor's supervision, the thesis has to be something of interest to him and myself. The project...
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    Thesis or no thesis

    Sorry to revive this old thread but here's an update: The "RA" position I have really turns out to be a cheap outsourced work to graduate college students for a contracted software development company. No "research" has be actually done since I got this position in the summer. After a couple...
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    What do you do to remotivate yourself once you hit rockbottom

    I've lost jobs and failed many, many times in undergraduate school. I ended up in enrolling into CE Masters program at a state school with a 2.6 GPA. I think to myself after all those failures that there is no need to get any better because I'm already better than 3/4th's of the US population...
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    Thesis or no thesis

    What type of research opportunities can I get into with just a Masters in CE? I would like to go into R&D. The RA position I have is just "researching" in developing better web applications and software.
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    Programs At what age did you complete your undergrad and grad degrees and phD?

    BS at 23 (I entered college at 18 in August, so it took a while) MS most likely before my 25 birthday.
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    I feel dumb

    I spent about 2 years in the army + ROTC during college. I had more energy and endurance when I only gotten 5-6 hours of daily sleep than when I wasn't in the army + 8-10 hours of sleep. Exercising and working out increases your overall stamina. Thus requiring a little less sleep to restore...
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    Thesis or no thesis

    But I'm not pursuing a Ph.D. So, will I be wasting my time and effort if I take the Masters thesis route instead of just taking more coursework + getting an internship?
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    Most distinguished international computer certificat?

    Are you talking about IT certificates or like college degrees? Non-IT college certificates are quite easy to obtain since they require less coursework.
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    Thesis or no thesis

    I'm already in my second semester of CE graduate school. My school offers two routes for graduate students: a thesis route (1-2 less course work than normal) and a non-thesis option (1-2 more courses than normal). I need to map out my plan of study to my adviser by end of Sept. and I'm not...
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    Help choosing a thesis

    I need help in choosing a thesis. As of now, I'm still exploring. I want a topic that has sufficient prior work for me to write a good paper and research on but not too much as if it was overdone. My interest is around Web 2.0 applications and its evolution of the internet. I know the area is...
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    Schools The Cost of Grad School?

    DO NOT underestimate and leave out the cost of living too. Staying and continuing in grad school is MUCH MUCH MORE difficult than getting into grad school. Depending on where you go to school, coming in as an international student with no family/friends to live with, the cost of living will...
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    Need tips for a research assistantship resume

    So one of the research groups at my school is looking for "graduate students like me" - according to the professor who runs the show. They are sponsored by a large tech company and they need to review me also. I'm a comp engineering Masters student btw. About the assistantship: It's an...
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    Hot Industries Of The Future

    Energy research/development IT security Quantum computer chips Arclight reactors
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    What kind of job can i get with

    Quite a bit, depending on what computer-related field. Programming is quite outsourced. I've had interviews with a bunch of software companies that outsource their work. Computer network security is a good field to go into. IT is another. But you don't really need a college degree to get into...
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    A not so genius engineering student

    You need creativity to succeed in engineering, not have a 4.0 GPA.
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    Quantum computing

    Quantum computing is a multi-disciplinary field. It is a mix of computer science, mathematics, computer engineering, and physics. Don't let the "quantum" part fool you into thinking that QCing is 99% physics. Quantum computing is probably the one area I would research in. Too bad I didn't get...
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    Does it really look odd if

    It took me 5.5 years to graduate with a physics degree. But I took the major-related courses in my last 2 years (switched majors in my 2nd and 3rd years)
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    Schools Professional Experience and Graduate School

    Yes. Professional experience in research will definitely help. With that and a high score on your physics GRE, your GPA may be overlooked by some graduate schools. Undergrad experience shouldn't be able to top over research and development experience in the real field. Make sure you look into...
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    Too Late?

    Unless you are a multi-millionaire that buys their way to go into a space, an astronaut sponsored by the government/NASA is extremely difficult and requires at minimal 4 years of college education. I'll say it's harder than become an astronaut, unless you are going for a Ph.D in physics. Even...
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    What do you think i should do?

    Don't be cocky and ask the professor to put harder questions on it. Then you'll be begging for easier questions at higher level courses. Enjoy the class while it lasts. It only gets exponentially harder from there. Calc I is easy. I did calculus in 11th grade and got a 5 on the AB and BC exams...
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    Programs What jobs can I get with the following degrees

    Depends on how far you are planning to take your education....
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    Programs Online Degrees

    Unless the school is known for offering online degrees, they will be looked down upon. I know some state schools offer distance learning degrees but doesn't discriminate whenever this degree was earned through distance learning or not. No where on your degree or transcript will it say "THIS...
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    Second Language for Physics

    Go learn German. There seems to be a bunch of top German physicists these past centuries.