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    Post Your Summer/Fall 2013 Class Schedules

    Calculus I Physics I + lab Music Theory I'm already at 13 credit hours. The Calculus class is 5 credit hours, as well as Physics. I would take more classes, but I don't want to overdo it. So, possibly next semester I'll take more classes.
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    Prerequisites to modern physics?

    That's fine. It doesn't really matter. :p
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    Prerequisites to modern physics?

    I know that QM is a standard course for undergrad. I didn't mean SR as an actual course, just a brushed topic in a physics lecture.
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    Prerequisites to modern physics?

    Again, someone wouldn't need to. Someone would already have taken chemistry before QM.
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    Prerequisites to modern physics?

    One wouldn't need too, I'd presume someone would know GR before QM.
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    Diff. Equations or Linear Algebra

    ^ This. Pretty much sums it up; however, if I were you I'd go ahead and take ODE.
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    Prerequisites to modern physics?

    From the looks of it, it seems that you've got all of the math covered. As for the answer to your first question, just the basics of special / general relativity, but I'm sure you've gotten those narrowed down. As for QM, I'd recommend taking a chemistry course if you haven't already. As for...
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    Career Help, Please?

    Yes, consider engineering since you want the math/science aspect. Since you want to save lives with that applied knowledge, it really depends on how you look at it and which engineering discipline. You could save lives with engineering, but the better term here would be improving. You can...
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    Schools Help with deciding on undergraduate college

    Good point here, I agree. The choice is ultimately up to you. If you feel the that the physics program at one school is superior to the other, then you could possibly consider that alternative; however, since OSU is cheaper, I'd also take that into consideration. If you qualify for financial...
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    Schools What graduate college is best for me?

    There is this website called Grad School shopper,, where you can search your state / pretty much anything related to physics. What I'd also do is once searching, go onto the school's website for additional information. Hopefully that'll do the trick. You should at...
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    Is it too late?

    Pretty much what everyone else has said. It's never too late; if you're dedicated to learn physics, then do so. I didn't take a physics class until my senior year of high school and that was the only physics class offered. (There was a physics 2 course, but it was new my senior year and only...
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    Programs Which math courses will be most useful in a physics major?

    I don't think it is a must, but Linear Algebra does go in depth about vectors and matrices. Which are important aspects of Physics. So while it isn't a requirement, it still may be recommended by some people. I haven't taken the course yet, so I can't give you my personal opinion on it, sorry...
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    Schools Undergraduate physics college

    I'm pretty sure he's assuming the US.
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    Schools Undergrad school decision

    Hmm... Well, it seems to me that NYU seems the better choice of what you mentioned. It's kind of too early to tell what you plan on doing, as you mentioned, but it's truly up to you.
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    Programs Which math courses will be most useful in a physics major?

    I agree. Take both differential equations courses. If you have room afterwards, then take Linear Algebra; however, it may not be much use to you depending on what Physics your planning on going into.
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    Calc I, Physics I and Chem I; All in the same semester?

    I've been exposed to some Calculus and Calculus based Physics before and I've also talked with the professor who teaches it and he said that I'll be fine. I also have a solid background in physics, but from someone who hasn't been exposed, I can see to wait. My Junior year I'll be taking Modern...
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    Calc I, Physics I and Chem I; All in the same semester?

    At my university, Calc 1 isn't a prerequisite for Physics 1 because some people take them both simultaneously. It isn't recommended, but people do it regardless of what their advisor tell them. The choice is up to you though, I'd say go for it. Take Calc 1 and Physics 1; however, taking the...
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    It seems like I struggle no matter what in physics

    As the old saying goes, "Practice makes perfect." Even if you are assigned homework problems, you should go well beyond those and practice more problems. Don't just sit there and complete the homework, actually try to analyze it and use your textbook/notes as a reference. Have you tried...
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    Silly Question. . . Learning the names of properties

    This isn't really a silly question, there is no such thing! If you are curious about something, then you should always ask questions, no matter how redundant they may seem. I'm sure you won't have to look through every math textbook, as long as you understand the properties and know how to...
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    Programs Switching Major from Physics to Math

    It depends on your University. Physics 3 in my university is Modern Physics, which is much more mathematical based than 1 & 2. I'd say stick in there and take physics 3, I'm sure you'll be much more satisfied with it than you were with physics 1 & 2. If you're still not satisfied with physics 3...
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    How do/did you study Physics?

    I usually read my notes and practice problems, as others have posted above. If it's a practical problem, writing everything down and drawing a picture helps a lot. Also having an equation chart can be handy, depending on the material. If it's a conceptual problem, I usually just literally sit...
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    Can I be an engineer if I hate math?

    Not always, but it's unlikely. I have someone who's in a similar boat as you, but he majored in Biochemistry, not Bioengineering. He hated the math because he had problems in the higher courses, not sure which ones; however, that didn't stop him from succeeding. I'm sure the same applies to you...