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    School: when is your first day back?

    Classes start for me tomorrow! I'm a second year student. :)
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    PF Random Thoughts Part 2

    Oops. :wink:
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    PF Random Thoughts Part 2

    Random thought: National Physics Day is on April 24th. :biggrin:
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    Sleepy after reading few pages

    This is pretty much what happens to me if I'm reading something boring. If its something I enjoy, then I'll continue to read for hours until eventually getting tired. Anyway, no it's not problematic to fall asleep while reading a book. Perfectly normal! (Unless you have Narcolepsy.) :P
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    Things that make you way too angry (venting thread)

    Very good point there. I guess it just depends on what the person does. I mean if it's a big thing like that, then most definitely. If it's a little thing, then no. Everyone does judge people by the way they act it seems, even if that person doesn't know it them-self.
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    Is Calculus 2 too packed?

    Trig is very important in calculus if you ask me. It's almost like a second nature. :p One should take a trig course before calculus to greater enhance their ability. Euler's Formula is one of my favorites too, Mentalist! Even Leonhard is an interesting dude! Quite strangely, people come up...
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    Things that make you way too angry (venting thread)

    I hate the fact that people always judge someone based only on the way they act. Neglecting to get to know the person, or their past. Sometimes, people should put their money where their mouth is. /end rant Okay, done! :smile:
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    Is Calculus 2 too packed?

    Jeez! That seems like a load! I certainly hear that Calculus II is harder than Calculus I & III, simply because of everything that is covered in only two semesters. Especially since you're in other classes. For some people Calc II is a breeze, but for others not so much. I'll be taking Calc II...
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    News Explosion reported near Boston Marathon finish line

    Agreed, very disturbing photo. Such a tragedy hearing about it and such madness. My father ran it last year and he finished in the second wave, I couldn't even imagine him going again this year -- only to be hit. I talked with him a few hours ago asking if he had any friends that went this...
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    Most Boring/Hated Subject That You're Forced to Take?

    Anything related to English and the humanities.
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    Favourite Quotes

    Be happy. Do math.:smile: