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    MATLAB Need Urgent Help:Matlab code for Transmission coefficient for a Pc

    Hi, I have written matlab code for Transmission coeficient for a one-dimensional photonic crystal,but i have problems with does not result the right answer!:confused: could any one help me about this? i use Transfer matrix method: An example: an ENG-DPS structure: %Transmission...
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    MATLAB Matlab: how to use an array in a matrix

    hi all.. I have a 2x2 matrix and an array , for example: a=linspace(0,12) %this is my frequency range. B=[2*a 3*a-1 a./2 a] this one does not results a 2x2 matrix, that I need it to have ...B2xB1xB how could i get a 2x2 matrix? should i use a loop instead of an array...