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    Current sensing and standard resistor

    I have a 12v switching transformer; one of the legs on a black brown silver gold 2w resistor is broken off. I have had zero luck finding a standard .01 2w resistor. I did find a current sensing resistor at the values, but should it be used. The resistor in the power supply is ceramic, I think...
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    Over stock wire

    I Don't know if this is the correct place for this post but here goes. I am looking for a supply house or distributor who buys wire I have a lot of 1015 22 red and black. I work for a company in carmel indiana who builds wire harnesses. Please point me in the correct direction. Thank you Brandon
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    Need help with resistor watts

    I have an oven and the heater element is ran by a watlow controller. It is going out evey two or three years. The watlow controller runs a relay to turn element on and off. The relay on the watlow needs a load of 100ma min. to keep contacts clean. I have the resistance of the coil for the on off...