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    Voltaric Cell/Cell Chemical Reaction

    Homework Statement Which of the following are true statements about the above voltaric cell and the resulting cell chemical reaction ? a) The zinc electrode is the cathode b) Zinc will be consumed before copper c) Electrons flow from the copper electrode to the zinc electrode d) The half...
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    Vapor Pressure of Water

    Homework Statement The vapor pressure of water at 25.0 C is 23.8 torr, and the heat of vaporization is 43.9 kJ/mol. What is the vapor pressure (atm) of water at 59.8C? Homework Equations Clausius-Clapeyron equation. ln(P2/P1)=(ΔH/R)((1/T1)-(1/T2)) The Attempt at a Solution P2=? P1=23.8...
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    Name of Alkane [Pic Included]

    Homework Statement Enter the name for the above alkane. Homework Equations How to count Carbons and Hydrogen's. The Attempt at a Solution My answer was "Undecane" because I counted 11 Carbons and 24 Hydrogens but it says im wrong. Any Idea?
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    Fundamental THM of Calc?

    Homework Statement Heres the question: f(t) = Integral from c to t of a(s)ds, and h(t) = ef(t) Compute h' (t) using: 2 fundamental theorems of Calculus and The Chain Rule any help please ? Homework Equations Fundamental Theorems of calc g(x) = Integral from a to x of f(t) dt...
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    Differential Equations PLEASE

    Differential Equations PLEASE!! **problem solved**
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    Electrons in GRAMS

    Electrons in GRAMS :( Homework Statement Part1: A sample of electrons is found to have a total charge of -7.68 x 10^8 C. How many electrons are in this sample ? =================================== Part 2 says: What is the mass of the above sample of electrons in grams ...