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    MAth Definition?

    What's the general math definition for inclusive and exclusive??? Thanks fr everything and ty :tongue:
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    Sat Math Questions

    At the first stop on its route, a bus picks up x passengers. At the second stop, y passengers get on the bus. At the third stop, 2/3 of the passengers exit the bus. At the fourth stop, 2 passengers get on the bus. How many passengers is the bus carrying right now? a) (3x+3y+4)/3 b) (2x-2y-4)/3...
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    Motion and Forces : Dynamics

    The 100-m dash can be run by the best sprinters in 10.0s. A 60-kg sprinter accelerates uniformly for the first 30m to reach her top speed, which she maintains for the remaining 70m. (a) what is the horizontal component of force exerted on her feet by the ground during the acceleration? (b) what...