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    Brain Teaser - How does 12=11?

    I would say that the first humans used thier fingers to count from 1 to 10, and anything above that would be considered "a lot of damn numbers". In this sense, they would consider 12=11=many :-) The real "answer" is probably having changed based without indicating it though (which is cheating...
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    Scientific notation question

    From a computer programming point of view the D means the number is stored as double precision where as E is stored as single precision (for exmaple this is the notiation used in the fortran programming language, but it may apply to other languages, im not sure). If you arent doing any...
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    Quick question on notation

    Thank you all for the answers!
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    Quick question on notation

    Hi, How would you write mathematically "As P approaches zero from the negative side". Is it something like P --> -0 ? Thanks!