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    Two blocks collide with spring in-between.

    Homework Statement Block 1 (mass 2 kg) is moving rightward at 10 m/s and block 2 (mass 5kg kg) is moving rightward at 3 m/s. The surface is frictionless, and a spring with spring constant of 1120 N/m is fixed on the left side on block 2. When the blocks collide, the compression of the spring is...
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    Simple proof that if x^2 = y^2 then x=-y or x=y

    Homework Statement Hi, I'm a high school student currently working through Spivak for the first time and this is my first proof based introduction to mathematics so I just wanted to make sure that I was doing the following correctly: Prove that if x^2 = y^2 then x=y or x=-y The Attempt at a...