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    Geometric sequence, find the best interest option over a year

    Homework Statement The Bank of Utopia offers an interest rate of 100% per annum with various options as to how the interest may be added. A man invests $1000 and considers the following options. Option A - Interest added annually at the end of the year. Option B - Interest of 50% credited...
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    Sum sequence of a geometric series

    Homework Statement A 'supa-ball' is dropped from a height of 1 metre onto a level table. It always rises to a height equal to 0.9 of the height from which it was dropped. How far does it travel in total until it stops bouncing? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution The...
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    Terms of a geometric series and arithmetic series, find common ratio

    Homework Statement Different numbers x, y and z are the first three terms of a geometric progression with common ratio r, and also the first, second and fourth terms of an arithmetic progression. a. Find the value of r. b. Find which term of the arithmetic progression will next be equal to...