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    Dumb Sounding Flax Seed Question

    Why does ground flax seed consume about 30% more volume than whole flax? It would seem to me the finer particle size would result in the ground requiring less volume, as the "sphere packing" inefficiencies would be less?
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    I Universal Time?

    Is the time since the Big Bang the same for every point in our universe? If so, does that imply there really is a "present" moment everywhere and not just in my immediate locality?
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    LIGO Paper Question

    Each of the two BHs in the collision brought in matter and energy prior to merge, neither emitting any significant energy prior to merge. Same for the combined BH after merger was complete. So, my question is, what is the source or mechanism for the 3 Sun M worth of energy release into...
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    I Cartesian Coordinates Interpretation in GR?

    What is the physical interpretation of Cartesian coordinates in GR? Say, e.g., a system centered at the center of a spherical mass. What are x,y, and z physically, i.e., how are they measured?
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    Why is it only c squared?

    It is pretty easy for a physics student to grasp the equivalence between mass and energy. But, Units of length, mass, and time were established before Einstein came along with E=MCsquared My question is: "Why is the proportionality constant between M and E simply Csquared?" Is this just a...
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    Universe Size

    What do we know or speculate as to the size of the visible and entire universe between the Planck time and the beginning of explosive inflation?
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    Basic Tensor question

    I have 2 basic questions: 1. Since a type (m,n) tensor can be created by component by component multiplication of m contravariant and n covariant vectors, does this mean an (m,n) tensor can always be decomposed into m contravariant and n covariant tensors? Uniquely? 2. Since a tensor in GR , or...
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    Newton's Principia

    I have just completed reading an English translation (The Great Books version) of Newton's Principia and found it rough going. Does anyone know of a modern English translation that adheres to the proposition sequence but puts each idea and proof into an easy to understand form, e.g., such as a...