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    Circuit Question

    When the switch closes, it creates a node between the four resistors. The resulting parallel connections will be in series with each other - the way you calculated it. :smile:
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    Potential Difference Help

    Here is the question: A parallel-plate capacitor is made of two circular plates, each with a diameter of .0025m. The plates of this capcitor are separated by a space of .00014m. What is the potential difference between a point midway between the plates and a point that is .00011m from one of...
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    How to find resultant for 3 given vectors

    I am a senior in physics, so I'm not exactly an expert. But I have already completed that chapter. Simply add all of the Y's to find the y-component of Vr (V_ry). Next, add all of the X's to find the X component of Vr (V_rx). Then: V_r = \sqrt{V_ry^2 + V_rx^2} Correct me please if I am...
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    Check my answer please (factoring)

    My teacher assigned us this problem (it is for extra credit, but I'll take what I can get): P = a(b^4-c^4)+b(a^4-c^4)+c(a^4-b^4) My work: 1. P = a( (b^2)^2 - (c^2)^2 )+b( (a^2)^2 - (c^2)^2 ) + c( (a^2)^2 - (b^2)^2 ) 2. P = a[ (b^2+c^2) (b+c) (b-c) ] + b[ (a^2+c^2) (a+c) (a-c) ] + c[...
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    Simple problem. Please check my answer?

    Thanks. I was having trouble grasping the concept that we assume the oil molecules are perfect spheres. I was thinking, you know, complex branch-chain alkanes and stuff. So even when I did get the correct calculation, I was unsure whether my assumption was valid. Additionally, I found one...
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    Simple problem. Please check my answer?

    The Problem One liter (1000 cm^3) of oil is spilled onto a smooth lake. If the oil spreads out uniformly until it makes an oil slick just one molecule thick, with adjacent molecules just touching, estimate the diameter of the oil slick. Assume the oil molecules have a diameter of 2 x 10^-10 m...