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    Drum question

    Hello, Is it possible to 'convert' the sound of a drum to a keyboard instrument, e.g. using signal processing techniques. Measure the pitch of a snare drum, and attempt to recreate it in MATLAB? I don't think it's possible, since a (snare) drum doesn't have a fundamental frequency, does...
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    Capacitor discharge problem

    So, in between the upper and lower contacts, the capacitor discharges into the resistorr parallel with it, but when it reaches the lower contact, there is a voltage source charging the capacitor again - so i(t) would be a sum of the currents frm these sources?
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    Capacitor discharge problem

    hi all, wonderign whether you can help with this problem with capacitor discharging. take a look at the pic the question is In the circuit shown above, the switch has been in the upper position for a long time and moves to the lower position at t = 0. Find i(t). Basically, first i...