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    Mathematica Curve Fitting With Uncertainties

    I have a set of data points \{\{x_1, y_1\}, \{x_2, y_2\} ... \} each with an uncertainty \{\{dx_1, dy_1,\}, \{dx_2, dy_2\} ...\}. Is there any way of fitting a nonlinear model to the data that incorporates the uncertainties on both x and y? I know that you can use the Weights command to...
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    Op-Amp Frequency Response Theory

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have that. I need a quantitative statement though; if there is no such thing I might just have to come up with some functions that approximate the Open-Loop curves. This talked about a the "transfer function" of the amplifier a lot, which sounds promising, but it...
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    Op-Amp Frequency Response Theory

    Homework Statement We did a lab analyzing this inverting, negative feedback circuit for a 741 op-amp: We measured the closed-loop gain and phase shift of the signal for several values of the input frequency with R_2/R1=1000,R_2/R1=100 and R_2/R_1=10. The gain curves all looked like...