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    Help identifying a part (if anything like these even exists!)

    It's definitely an item that has been used in design. Where you're going to find one is another question. I know that design is used on the old M60/M240 machine gun tripods to make them collapsible.
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    Engineering jobs (What do you do for work?)

    A major part of my job is reviewing test reports from environmental tests conducted by vendors for the US government. I just sit and read other people's work. I do a lot of acquisition type stuff with occasional dabbling in cooling system analysis and design work. The major design work of my...
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    What's the widest ratio range for a CVT?

    This is off a flier from Quality Drive Systems concerning the Comet CVT 790 series Pulley Ratios: High: .54:1 Low: 3.38:1 and for 770 series Pulley Ratios: High: .76:1 Low: 3.95:1 Hope this is the info you're looking for. Comet CVTs are relatively inexpensive and small, it's what we use...