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    National Student Clearing House dilemma

    You can change your SSN, but in most cases it isn't recommended. See You do need to contact the college records office, and inform them that your records there are fradulent. They aren't likely to believe you. If they don't delete your fake records, you'll...
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    How to Get Into Quantum Computing?

    I did a summer's worth of research in quantum computing, and I can tell from your impression of it that you probably haven't read too much beyond the popular science magazines. The idea that quantum computing will make older machines obsolete is frankly ridiculous. The class of problems that...
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    Schools Recommendations for graduate schools In TQFT

    I'm entering my final year as a math/physics undergraduate, and I'm looking into grad schools to apply to. In particular, I'm interested in topological quantum field theory. As a student, I'm fairly well-off academically and research-wise, and comparing myself to people who I've known the past...