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    Diagonals of a Rectangle?

    Diagonals of a Rectangle?????? Why don't the diagonals of a rectangle bisect the angles? This may seem so easy, but I'm having difficult time understanding it....I'm confused because I know that the digonals of a rectangle bisect each then why don't the angles do the same??? Pls...
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    A transformation question? HELP PLS

    a transformation question??? HELP PLS Hi, I have this question from classwork and I can't quite figure it out. I know its very simple, but I can't quite understand it.... If two parallel lines are located ten inches apart, a preimage that is reflected twice through those lines will be...
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    The physics involved in soccer?HELP PLS

    anymore suggestions or thoughts? well is it necessary that I bring up translational/rotational kinetic energy, and linear and angular momentum or air resistance and ground resistance??? I don't know how important these concepts are compared to what I am going to talk about in my paper. We...
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    The physics involved in soccer?HELP PLS

    The physics involved in soccer???HELP PLS I am writing an extra credit paper which is +10 pts added to my final grade....I decided to do it on soccer. He wants use to pick a topic that involves physics and write a 4 pg paper..... This is my paper so far: In the game of soccer many physical...
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    Moon gravity problem

    This problem was given on a previous test...the problem is written exactly as seen on the actual exam: Moons gravity is (6.67 x 10 ^-11 N m^2/kg^2) (7.36 x 10^22 kg) ___________________________________________ (1.74 x 10^6m) ^2...
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    Moon gravity problem

    (6.67 x 10 ^-11 N m^2/kg^2) (7.36 x 10^22 kg) ___________________________________________ (1.74 x 10^6m) ^2 simplify: 6.67 x 7.36 ___________ x 10^-11=22-6(2) x Nm^2/kg^2 * kg 1.74 ^2 ____________ _____________...
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    Difficulty on some distance problemsneed help

    I think that posting answers along w/ the worked out problems helps a lot more in understanding it thoroughly....but I guess if those are the rules thats cool...Thanks to both of you I was able to understand the problems more and get the final answers.. :)
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    Difficulty on some distance problemsneed help

    You were given all the information called for by this equation except a, which you are supposed to solve for. I dont know what xf and xi are used for, which variables? You've got the right equation. The tension is equal to Fc. But why are you dividing by 3.14? As the equation says, you...
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    Time required to go to Mars

    I got 71181818.18 = 71 seconds as my answer. THX :)
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    Time required to go to Mars

    11,000 m/s __________ 21,751,740 = 5.05 x 10^ -4 I got my numerator figure by converting 78.3 x 10 ^6 km and got 21,751,740 m/s
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    Difficulty on some distance problemsneed help

    Recently took a test and got one of the lowest scores I've ever gotten....theres no tutor avaliable and the prof isnt avaliable either....I'm trying to figure out the correct answers and how and which equations to use for each problem. I always have difficulty interpreting the questions and...
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    Time required to go to Mars

    A rocket moves through space at 11,000 m/s. At this rate, how much time will be required to go to mars (78.3 x 10^6 km)? i used t= d/v and got 5.05 x 10^ -4 I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. I cant get the correct answer
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    Suggestions on any good Niels Bohr sites

    suggestions on any good Niels Bohr sites.... Taking a summer physical science class..and my presentation is on Niels Bohr....I wanted to know if there were any good sites anyone can point me to. THX :)
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    Question when doing a simple investigative experiment .

    question when doing a simple investigative experiment..... should such variables as mass be similar to each other? what would be the advatages? disadvantages? I said that the masses really shouldnt be're trying to get a data spread and you want your masses to not be similar...
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    Light question .difficulty finding answer

    Light question.....difficulty finding answer.... My prof. just gave us about 6 questions on the last chapter of the summer semester, which is on light...he said we could try the question but if we couldnt get it right it was okay....I tried it anyways and I cannot get it.... At what range...
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    Question on aristotles theory of motion

    I'm doing a report that's due soon, and it was on an hypothesis was that distance is directly related to time...we did an experiment w/ a hall cart and incline.....I said that it proved aristotle to be incorrect....i know his theories but how should i go forth explaining... thx
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    2 temperature questions stuck.

    The fahrenheit temp reading is 90 degrees on a hot summer day. What is the reading on the kelvin scale? I know the kelvin scale is the absolute scale...i'm not sure how to tackle this problem or in other words what equation to use. A 50.0 g silver spoon at 20.0 degrees is placed in a cup...
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    Question on 1 problem graphical determinations

    Question on 1 problem....graphical determinations 1) Why is a graphical determination of the avg velocity obtained from the slope of a best-fit line drawn for the data more accurate than simply dividing the total distance by the total time? It isn't. Why is this??? I said it was more...
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    Acceleration questions

    Of my 10 questions on this prelab these were the 3 I had difficulty on. Why will a car accelerate on an incline? I said because of the cars positioning it will have a better pick-up due to an incline. Suppose a car is traveling along a perfectly horizontal surface and begins to slow...
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    Really confused need help on graphical determinations of speed vs. time data

    I'm taking physics as a summer course and am having trouble on 3 questions in my pre-lab. I can't really explain... 1) Why is a graphical determination of the avg velocity obtained from the slope of a best-fit line drawn for the data more accurate than simply dividing the total distance by...
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    Velocity question? Need help

    Velocity question?? Need help.. An 80.0 kg man is standing on a frictionless ice surface when he throws a 4.00 kg book at 20.0 m/s. WIth what velocity does the man move across the ice? Would I be using Mass= weight/gravity? Astronaut weight = 80.0 kg Astronaut v = ? m/s Book...
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    Force questions?

    I'm not sure what equation is used on this particular problem. How much time would be requird to stop a 2,000 kg car that is moving at 80.0 km/hr if the braking force is 8,000 N? I know..... Mass 2000 kg Acceleration is 80.0 km/hr Breaking force is 8,000 N What tension must a 50.0...
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    Stuck on these questions

    I've been trying to figure them out but cant get through about 6 questions, these are the other two.. An object is observed to fall from a bridge, striking the water below 2.50 s later. (a) With what velocity did it strike the water? (b) What was its average velocity during the fall? (c)...
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    Motion questions

    Motion questions.... Need a little help... If the sun is a distance of 1.5 x 10^8 km from earth, how long does it take sunlight to reach earth if it moves at 3.0 X 10^8 m/s? A rocket moves through out space at 11,000 m/s. At this rate how much time would be required to travel the...
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    Stuck on mass, volume problems

    What is the mass of a 10.0 cm cubed cube of copper? i know that (g/cm cubed)= copper = 8.96 but I'm not sure how to tackle this problem. also.... If I have 51.5 g of a 50.0 cm cubed volume of one of these substances, which would it be? Alumininum 2.70 mass density, Copper 8.96, Iron...
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    How are they connected?

    How are they connected?? How are rigid motions (rotations, reflections/flips, slides) connected to tessellations/tilings?? I have an idea but I'm not fully sure. THX
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    Need help showing diagrams

    Need help showing diagrams...... I am to draw diagrams of: There are 16 units is a cad and 5 units is a gad: how many gads in a cad? I know 16/5 = 3.2 how many cads in a gad? I know 5/16 or .3125 One cad is what percent of one gad? 16/5 * 100 = 320 ONe gad is what percent of one cad...