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    Other The Should I Become a Mathematician? Thread

    Re: who wants to be a mathematician? So we should smoke pot?
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    Determine the traveled.

    1. Homework Statement The acceleration of a particle is defined by the relation a=-k(v)^2 k is a constant. The particle starts at x=0 with a velocity of 20 m/s. At x=100 m its velocity is 15 m/s Determine the distance traveled by the particle (starting from x=0) A) before...
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    Equivalence of (P -> R) V (Q -> R) and (P ∧ Q) -> R

    If p or q are false the statement (P^Q)-> R will always be true. The same can be said for the statement (P -> R) V (Q -> R). If the first statement in P->Q is false then P ->Q will always be true.