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    Why did we search for higgs boson when we knew it couldn't be useful?

    Firstly, thank you all for creating this forum, thank you all for tolerating my questions. As an expert in another subject, I know it's not easy to take time out of one's schedule to answer the questions of non-experts, and I am grateful that you guys have. That said, this question is a...
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    Can you move particles by cooling them?

    Can you "move" particles by cooling them? Suppose you have an object made of particles and you cool it down alot. I would assume then that the average momentum of the particles would be reduced therefore we could know more about the particles' momentum and therefore less of the particles'...
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    May I suggest an experiment concerning negative energy?

    Sometimes to understand things I need to come up with ideas and have them shot down. This is what I am doing here. I have been informed that the Cashmeir effect may not be due to negative energy so I have an idea for an additional experiment. Suppose we were to make a "box" with little...
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    Clocks and curivture

    In a place of gravity, where space time is bent "inward" clocks slow down from the prospective of an outsider. But what if you had a region of space time that was bent outward, what would happen to your clocks then?
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    How do you measure momentum of a particle?

    For that matter how do you detect the position of particle. Note that I am aware of HUD and therefore am asking you measure them sepretly.
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    How could strange shapes affect space-time?

    How could "strange shapes" affect space-time? To my understanding anything massive enouph to bend space and time noticeably would end up becoming a sphere due to how gravity works. But what if you could have diffrent shapes that were massive enouph to affect the universe? What if you made a...
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    Does spaghettification occur around a super massive black hole?

    I heard recently that a supermassive black hole would not tear you apart like a smaller black hole would, that you would simply “flow into it never knowing that you are doomed until it is too late”. Is this true and if so why?
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    What happens when you go near the speed of light and there's stuff in the way?

    Normally when people talk about going near the speed of light they talk about Lorenz contraction and Time dilation, but to keep things simple they make one implicit assumption; there's nothing in the way. What if you are going 99.99% the speed of light and you crash into a planet? What if...
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    How much negative energy is that space between two non-conducting plates?

    The negative pressure generated in the Cashmeir effect suggest that negative energy can exist in small spaces between non-conducting plates. How much negative energy exist in a given amout of space as measured in units that refer to energy (as opposed to units of force created by the Cashmeir...
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    What would a Primordial super force look like?

    I've been informed that split seconds after the big bang gravity separated from a "Primordial super force". So what would this super force have looked like just before gravity split from it? Would it have bend space and time? Would it have a positive and negative charge like magnetism? What...