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    Vinegar to methanol?

    is this possible? see what i did was poured some apple cider vinegar into a cup and coverd it with saran wrap and overlapped so it would catch in my little aluminum foil base. i left it out in the sun for 2 days and when i approached it i may just be crazy but i could feintly smell the scent...
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    Telephone Towers

    so we took a drive up into the mountains about 2 hours from pittsburgh, ligoner area, anyway at the top of the mountain there was 2 towers for long distance telephone transmission and the driveway said at&t so we went down the driveway and drove up to the area where the towers were. the place...
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    Who has ADD?

    so how many other people on this board have been diagnosed with such condition? (blank stare for 5 minutes) ok. please reply
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    Yellow light

    Your task in this assignment is to estimate how fast you would have to be driving and at what distances from the traffic light you get in trouble. It is clear that if you are very far, then you can always stop, and if you are very close, then you can always pass with the yellow. But there is an...