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    So I joined the Navy to be a Nuke.

    I just joined the Navy as a Nuclear Engineer. I was in college before majoring in Nanotechnology. I had failed calc III (lazy) and was feeling out of place. I had so many options in my face that I didn't feel like I could dedicate myself to something. I am fascinated in physics...
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    What is the most respectable career?

    In the entire world, what type of profession is most respectable? I know this is based on your opinions. I just want to hear them.
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    Anyone here in MENSA?

    Just wondering... if Anyone here in MENSA?
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    I'm lost

    I don't know what i want to do with my life. I find science fascinating and interesting. But I really don't like studying it. I was going into nanotechnology as of lately. But now I feel like making movies. I have the visual ability and I am good at picturing an outcome. My mother is an...
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    The drunkard thread

    With all the brains about. I know most of you drink to your misery. Ignorance is bliss eh?
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    Medical I am wondering if I am exceptionally visual

    Lets say I am standing in the middle of the street in Newyork city. I can visualize ANYTHING. Not just a picture but a full movie like motion. Like water gushing into the city and I can see the waves crashing into the buildings and the physics are perfect. I can just sit here and dream of...
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    So I want to be 3 things

    I have come to these conclusions: I want to study how the brain works and functions. And use such information to make an artificial intelligent brain(synthetic). Something like that. I want to help develop a space craft that will be available to the average person such as a car is. So...
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    Best part of physics for a spacial/visual thinker & learner?

    I am a highly visual person and have always been. I love physics but seem to have been stumped. I stopped my education because of the math. I finally realized that I don't understand the math. I was finishing up calc III and didn't understand it. Granted, I could do the math. But, I didn't...
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    Need help building motion sensor

    I need a motion sensor that can focus on a very small area(not hawk eye) and detect a change in LED color/brightness. In addition, I need this motion sensor to trigger a cylinoid to press something when it senses. Where the hell do I find this stuff?
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    Spatial & Visual Thinkers

    Alright, I am a VERY big visual learner. Always have been. I learn more through pictures and visual representation. Any audio simply confuses me. Now see, I don't know if everybody can visualize stuff like I can. I assume that you can though. I can picture ANYTHING happening before me...
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    How many of you worked while in school?

    I am working every other day from 5pm - 1am. I have one class this summer which ends at 3:50pm everyday. I think I have enough time to study for that. But when fall comes around, I will be taking differential eq, physics II, and some other classes. Do you guys think I should quit when fall...
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    Dropping out of college to pursue career

    Alright here is my situation. I am entering my first summer session and my dorm rent is due. I am majoring in Physics. Though, I have come to realise that I lack the passion of math that others may have. I can't see myself doing this forever. On the otherhand, I want to become a film...
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    Admissions American student applying to a UK college

    I made a thread about swtiching from computer engineering to physics. I have decided on nanotechnology. I found some degree programs in the UK. Like at the University College London and Imperial College. What are your opinions on this? :)
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    Switching from Computer Engineering to (quantum)Physics

    Ok... here I am thinking of my career. Every night that I am outside I look up into the sky and just look with awe and curiosity of the stars and the universe. I wonder how it exists, how it became what it is, etc... I also have a very deep interest in the subatomic world. Though not...
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    Best way to launch a marshmellow?

    Best way to launch a marshmallow? I have a limit of $20 to build a small launcher. It will launch a large marshmallow. What is the best way using items bought from any retail stores? It has to land in the same place consistantly and for 50feet. I am thinking something along the lines of...
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    There is no point to our existence, and all life is disposable.

    I have a harsh realistic philosophy. I enjoy it too. I am a atheist, and do not believe in any "super natural power" such as a "God." I know that science has its laws and that we were created by some chemical process. Humans contribute nothing, nor is there anything to contribute too. The...
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    Which is more respectable?

    A Ph.D in Computer Engineering or a Ph.D in Quantum Physics? I am having a tough time deciding between the two... but I think I have made my decision based on what I am more fasinated in. Just want to hear your opinion. What I mean is which career is harder?
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    Programs Majoring in Physics

    I applied for Computer Engineering and now decided that I want to major in Physics. I have a sincere and passionate interest in how the universe works etc... I have the mind for it and love to really think deeply. I am just asking how difficult and interesting the courses are. What math do...
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    Possible research paper?

    I want to do a research paper on quantum physics for a scholarship. I am really awed by it and want to learn everything about it. My question is, is it realistic to write a research paper on quantum physics and have it complete by october? I have bought some books on it and am reading them...
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    How does time stop at C?

    I never understood how time can slow down as you reach the speed of light then it stops... I see time as a measurement by a mechanical clock. One second will always be one second. My ap physics teacher said they did this experiment. They took a photon or something with a very small...