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    How to calculate pulse energy?

    The pulse laser is converted by photo detector(PD) into electrical current. And we can see output voltage of photo detector by using oscilloscope. Now we get voltage function detected by PD. Now I need to calculate energy of pulse. But I don't know how I do it.. Is there any formula I can use??
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    How to write BB codes in this forum?

    Hello. I want to show like this not I tried [PYTHON], [Python], [ CODE](Python), etc. But They weren't run. How can I display my programming language?
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    Python Output of sympy.fourier_transform

    I run sympy.fourier_transform. from sympy import fourier_transform, exp,symbols from import x, k a=fourier_transform(exp(-x**2), x, k) s=symbols('s') Ori=(s)*exp(-(x**2)/(s**2)) FT=fourier_transform(Ori,x,k) a.subs({k:1}).evalf()...
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    What is the maximum or Nyquist frequency of a Gaussian signal?

    Hello. I'm studying Fourier analysis. If we look at attached graph where Gaussian functions are transformed by Fourier analysis, we can find Gaussian functions in frequency domain have maximum value at 0 hertz. So I confused what is the Nyquist frequency at Gaussian signal. I need to know...
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    LaTeX I want to use LaTeX, How can I do that?

    I want to write LaTeX. So I write e.g) '\left( \frac a b \right)' . But it looks just back space bar not mathematical equation. Does there need to install TeX program if I want to type LaTeX in Physics Forums???
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    Energy calculation by using Parseval's theorm

    Homework Statement In Parseval's theorm, energy equals integral x(t) squre when x(t) represents voltage. I wonder if x(t) represernts power, then does integral x(t) dt equal energy?? Because 'power multiplied time' means energy. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
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    Fourier transform of a power signal or a voltage signal

    Homework Statement By using fourier transform, I want to calculate power of signal. I confuse that f(x) in attached equation represents voltage or power. Is that possible when f(x) means power to use fourier transform. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
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    Parseval's theorm

    Homework Statement In parseval's theorm, what is type of x(t)?? I mean.. is this voltage wave? or power wave? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
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    Definition of isolation and pulse response time for a 3-way power splitter

    I will use 3 way power splitter and power detector. 1. This is power splitter data sheet. In this data sheet, there are different isolation values. What does it mean?? Also in that point, I wonder definition of isolation at power splitter. 2. This is power detector data sheet. In this data...
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    RF pulse detection with Power Detectors

    How can I use power detectors for RF pulse detection? RF pulse has a symmetric Gaussian-like shape. Is the output of power detectors continuous line or point?