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    Book of Algebra Problems

    abstract algebra, graph theory..yup......math gre...
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    What's the point of life Take your pick...
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    Trying to learn linear algebra on my own

    From what I've seen on most of the homework posts...people usually want you to show what work you've done already..
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    What is infinity?

    To answer the original question without all the hoo-hah...I believe that it was put to me as simply "infinity is a way to describe the behavior of certain sequence of numbers". Thus it should not be thought of as a number such as 1 or 2. I hope this is sufficient for generally grasping the...
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    Checking Answer

    The derivative of V with respect to h and then plug in .6 cm........... looks correct to me
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    Programs BSc, MSc,Phd at the same school

    United States of America.. and for those of you to lazy... Discriminatory practices under these [federal] laws also include: employment decisions based on stereotypes or assumptions about the abilities, traits, or performance of individuals of a...
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    More primes

    Thanks for the help...ever need a back rub, foot massage...someone dealt know where i'll be..
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    More primes

    Oh yeah...makes sense now... you da man how about.... gcd(r^s, s^r) = 1 same scenario... Could I say something like, r divides r^s, but s does not...and s dvides s^r but r does not..thus the gcd is 1?
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    Programs BSc, MSc,Phd at the same school

    Hey, Rox, bet I'm more of an alpha male than you's that for the dumbest post you ever saw on PF? ;)
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    Programs BSc, MSc,Phd at the same school

    Yeah...and letting some guy get away with saying that just because you go the same school for your post high school education career makes you less of a candidate for a job.... Oh the irony...
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    Programs BSc, MSc,Phd at the same school

    join the marines and find out.
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    Programs BSc, MSc,Phd at the same school

    Well, I would never want to hire someone who made a career of the military..being a fellow Veternarian myself, I know them types. I would, however, not discriminate against someone based on where they were educated at. As far as I and the law are concerned, that is illegal. In fact, your...
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    What will replace oil?

    After giving those you still agree with your post in another thread?
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    Chess programming?

    I think that I read the best chess program looks ahead 40 ply. I can kick any computers @$$ at chess...all I have to do is unplug it.. ;)
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    Game problem

    int timesToPlay = 100; int gamesPlayed = 0; int wins = 0; int losses = 0; . . . if(roll==4||roll==5||roll==6||roll==8||roll==9||roll==10)//point case { int flag = 0; cout<<"The point is "<<roll<<endl; point = roll; do {...
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    LaTeX Particular environment LaTeX help

    I've never heard of such a thing. I don't really see a need for it. Why would you need something like that?
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    More primes

    Wait wait....I think someone got something wrong...probably me.... Ok, r and s are primes...oops..I might have forgotten to mention that.. that integer in my first post is does that change everything? Ok OK..i'll restate it... let r and s be two different...
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    Programs BSc, MSc,Phd at the same school

    Should've joined the military..
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    More primes

    Ok..I'm afraid I'm not following...d = 1 in this case. 1 divides anything. So how is that 1 dividing rs - r(r + s) and rs - s(r + s) show that the gcd(rs, r + s) = 1. Wouldn't we have to show that 2 isn't a divisor, then 3 isn't a divisor?
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    More primes

    I saw this on a website. Prove that if r and s are positive integers with r > s and gcd(r,s)=1, then gcd(rs , r + s)= 1. I can think of two ways to show this. Using the Euclidean algorithm or by showing that 1 can be a linear combination of rs and r + s. Funny thing...I couldn't do either...
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    Programs Should I finish my dual degree in 4.5 years or in 5 years

    As long as you don't fail your extra coursework classes..I don't see how they could hurt you.
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    How do you explain x+y+z=5 is a plane?

    I must say I'm ashamed at some of the responses of this post.. you say first year uni about telling us what class this for first (I didn't know linear algebra was supposed to be first year)? I doubt that the students need a pre-req of knowing what a linear combination is when...
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    Graph theory (connectedness)

    Come on know what the typical C_n refers to...shall I change my example to the Wheel graph? or perhaps the path graph? I would like to know (using ordinal numbers) why exactly induction would absolutely be necessary if that's what you want to show me.
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    Graph theory (connectedness)

    A cycle graph is a graph on n nodes containing a single cycle through all nodes. The reason I bring this up is because I think I saw something the other day that said if every vertex of a graph G had something like at least (n-1)/2 degrees then it was connected.
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    Graph theory (connectedness)

    I remember when I was taking discrete analysis of data structures and we had to prove certain graph theory properties. I'll give a specific example, prove that the cycle graph, C_n, is connected for all n. From what I remember, it was induction we used to prove this...what I want to know...
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    Wireless Antenna Strength

    So I wanted let's say a PCI card or USB. I could just look at the receiver sensitivity and find one in which the dBm is more negative and that card would essentially pick up my wireless network...let's on the other end of my house better than the PCMCIA card I gave a link to above?
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    Wireless Antenna Strength

    Ok. I'm currently trying to understand antenna strength in the wireless cards you find for your computer. Let's say that I have a wireless" with a certain "receiver sensitivity". How exactly do I read...
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    Schools Harvard and MIT, and my university

    Got to know who your competition is...;)
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    Checksum(n) = CHKSUM(n)

    No it does not mean means to sum up the "digits" that make up the number 198. So the number 198 is made up of 3 "digits"...which numbers and what is their sum?
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    Is there any math way to solve a Sudoku

    FYI: June 2006 issue of Scientific American has an article titled "The science behind suduko". Just putting it out there.