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    Finding the resultant vector

    Homework Statement In the figure below shows the path taken by a drunk skunk over a level ground, from initial point i to final point f. The angles are θ1 = 30, θ2 = 50, and θ3= 80, and the distance are d1 = 5.00 m, d2 = 8.00 m, and d3 = 12.0 m. What are the (a) magnitude and (b) angle of the...
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    Newton's law of Motion problem

    Homework Statement The lower chamber of the heart, (the left ventricle) pumps blood into aorta. The left ventricular contraction lasts 0.20 seconds, during which time a mass of 88 grams of blood is accelerated from rest to a speed of about 4.5 m/s. Find the acceleration & Force. known: V...