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    Plot spectral phase in Mtlab

    Hi everyone, I have this Matlab code : function PH = testing close all; x = [0:1e-3:10-1e-3]; ph = -(x-5).^2; y = exp(-(x-5).^2./(0.2^2)).*exp(i*2*pi*ph); Y = fft(y); Y = fftshift(Y); PH = angle(Y); X = (x(2) - x(1))^-1*linspace(0,1,length(x)); figure plot(x,ph); figure...
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    The spectrum of a double pulse

    Hi everyone, I was working recently with a Michelson interferometer and measured the spectrum of the two pulses and see how the fringe spacing of the spectrum change as I change the position of one of the two mirrors in the interferometer, that is the time interval between the two pulses. I...