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    How to get the force?

    Homework Statement you push a 25 kg box across a wooden floor at constant speed. how much force do you exert on the floor? (mu(k) = 0.20 Homework Equations Ff=<uFn The Attempt at a Solution this is wat i get so far mass = 25kg uk= .20 .20<.20x25 .20<5 is this correct? im confuse coz...
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    How to calcoulate force applied?

    Homework Statement if the coefficient of friction between a 30 kg metal block and the floor is 0.16, what force is required to roll this block across the floor at a uniform speed? how much work is done? find : weight of force, normal force, force applied and fricitional force Homework...
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    How to get initial and final velocity? need help thanks

    Homework Statement a human cannonball in 1940 soared over three ferris wheels, each 18 meters high covering a horizontal distance of 10.63 meters. Assuming that the point of projection is 2.50 meters above the ground and that he landed safely on a net placed at the same level, find his initial...