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    C/++/# Spiralling Algorithm in C++

    Hey, I got an assignment to write and algorithm in C++ to print this pattern: 35 34 33 32 31 30 16 15 14 13 12 29 17 04 03 02 11 28 18 05 00 01 10 27 19 06 07 08 09 26 20 21 22 23 24 25 As you...
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    Tangent and normal acceleration, curvature radius

    What exactly are the tangent and the normal accelerations of a projectile motion and how are they expressed mathematically? What is curvature radius? What is its expression? How is it derived ?
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    Dopplers Effect Problem

    Homework Statement 1. A car moves with a speed of 54km/h towards a cliff.The horn of the car emits a frequency of 400Hz at a speed of 335m/s (a)Find the wavelength of the sound emitted by the horn in front of the car (b)Find the wavelength of the wave reflected from the cliff (c)What...
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    Combination problem

    Homework Statement A closet has 5 pairs of shoes. The number of ways in which 4 shoes can be chosen from it so that there will be no complete pair are? Homework Equations Permutation and Combination formulae The Attempt at a Solution I tried but couldn't figure it out anyway.
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    Equilibrium of Cylinder with two liquids at either side

    Homework Statement (Please refer to the attachment given) In the figure shown, the heavy cylinder (radius R) resting on a smooth surface separates two liquids of densities 2\rho and 3\rho . The height h for the equilibrium of cylinder must be: a) \frac{3R}{2} b) R...
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    Atwood Machine Problem

    Homework Statement In the three figures given in the attachment consisting of three atwood machines with, the blocks A, B and C of mass m have accelerations a1, a2 and a3 respectively.F1 and F2 are external forces of magnitude 2mg and mg acting on the first and third diagrams...
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    Indefinite Integration Problem

    Homework Statement Integrate: \int \frac{1}{\sin{x}+cos{x}}dx Homework Equations The one above and basic integration formulae which need not be mentioned. The Attempt at a Solution \int \frac{1}{(\sin{x}+cos{x})}...
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    Trigo Prob to prove

    Homework Statement if: (1+\sqrt{1+a})\tan{\alpha} = (1+\sqrt{1-a}) Prove that: \sin{4 \alpha} = a Homework Equations \cos{2\alpha} = 1-2\sin^2{\alpha} \tan{\alpha} = \sqrt{\frac{1-\cos{2\alpha}}{1+\cos{2\alpha}}} The Attempt at a...
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    Good and Bad Explained!

    What exactly is good and bad?Are plants good and bad?Are objects good and bad? Or are men good and bad? 'Good' and 'Bad' does not originate from any other entity other than man.If you dislike something you say it is bad and if you like it you say it is good.These are all relative terms which...
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    Origin of charges

    An electron has a negative charge and a proton has a positive charge, we say. Meaning that both are opposites of each other in terms of their charges. Consider a hypothetical situation in which there are only electrons having originally negative charge in a certain universal space and we are...
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    Zero and Infinity

    We know that anything divided by zero is 'undefined' or equal to infinity. Is it not possible to define in anyway such indeterminate quantities? The concept of zero basically refers to 'nothingness' or 'void', but that indeed has utmost importance in writing numbers. If you consider a general...
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    Fermat's Last theorem

    We all know of this theorem which was finally proved in the 1960's. It says that we cannot find any real integral solution for n>2 when an integer is expressed to a power of 'n' and is equal to the sum of two numbers which individually are raised to the power 'n'. x^n=a^n+b^n Well for n=2...
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    Projectile Prob

    Homework Statement There are two inclined planes each having an inclination of \alpha. A projectile is launched from the midpoint between these two inclines such that the distance from the projectile on the ground to the inclines is x on either side.The angle of projection is \alpha +...
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    The cause of Friction between objects

    One of the most puzzling things yet useful is friction.Although we haven't totally understood it very well, we have certain equations for them F(limiting)=\muN [as F(limiting) is directly proportional to the weight of the body) But, what is the main cause of this force, Is it because of...
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    C/++/# Number Probs on C++

    Hi Lets see...I got this interesting program: To Find the smallest number which when put together with its square as a single number has the digits 1-9 exactly once i.e. it does not have a 0 in it. Initial Observations: 1.The first thing to see is that the conglomerated no. should have...
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    Two simple trigo probs

    Help needed to solve these: 1)what is the minimum value of the expression 9tan^2 \theta + 4cot^2 \theta ? 2)Prove that sin20.sin40.sin60.sin80 =3/16
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    Block pushed against a wall

    Homework Statement A block of mass 2 kg is pushed against a rough vertical wall with a force of 40N , co-efficient of static friction being 0.5.Another horizontal force of 15N is applied on the block in the direction parallel to the wall. Homework Equations Will the block move? If yes...
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    Acceleration of Inclined Plane

    Homework Statement An Inclined plane with an inclination of \theta and a mass M has a body of mass m on top of it which is attached to a string; the string is light and passes over a pulley on top of the inclined plane and continues till it is firmly attached to a vertical wall.The friction...
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    Deriving the Surface Area of Sphere

    How do we come to 4.pi.r^2?
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    Game Theory of life!

    Apart from all the path breaking works by Neumann and Nash on this subject, i was wondering if one could actually use this to explain the behaviour of subatomic particles or vice versa which by all means tend to attain stability.If one can work back from evolution games down to the actions of...
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    Surface Area of Satellite Signal transmission on Earth!

    Hi guys. Lets say we put a satellite on a geosynchronous orbit over the earth. The signal transmitted by the satellite does not reach the exact half of the earth as much as you can intuitively try but is a portion formed by the two tangents from the point the satellite is on. The problem is to...