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    Haunted House Door

    Hi all. I am in the middle of a ridig body rotation problem. Anyways, I have x double dot = sin(x) and i need to find what x dot is. x is a function of time 't' and I just have no idea how to get it. so it is d^2x(t)/dt^2=sin(x(t)) where x(t) is a function and i need to find dx(t)/dt...
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    A few questions on Quantum mechanics

    Hi all, I am doing quantum stuff in my physics class right now and have a few question that I would like to know the answers to... 1) A partical has wave proporties that relate to the probability of where it exists. I guess my question is how do particals move? Like can they exist anywhere...
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    UCLA or Berkeley for undergrad physics?

    Hello all, I have to decide between UCLA and berkeley for undergrad physics. I would rather go to UCLA for social reasons, but i know berkeley is a great school for physics(im sure UCLA isnt half bad either). My question is how important is the school for undergrad. i know for grad school the...