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    A curious attraction.

    what you have to remember is the difference in pressure between the whole in the air behind the car that passes you and the pressure on the other side of your van. You dont say whether you opened both windows on both sides of the car, if you did then you should feel the air move through your...
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    Cable that holds the elevator got disconnected

    I always thought that the reason you would die in such a scenario is due to deceleration trauma i.e. when the elvator hit the ground your organy soft bits would continue and try and take up residence in your legs!!! So by this thinking even if you could jump at the quoted 60mph you would reduce...
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    How to Plunge into Physics?

    Youll find a real good mix of people who now about physics and see it as a personnal passion and those who have learnt physics who can put the meat on the bones on lot of what is discussed. I personally fall in the former cateogory. This sometimes has an interesting twist to some threads as we...
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    Sun spots at home

    Being a beginner amateur astonomer I have read a lot of stuff on the net about this and no one has posted anything regarding damage. You can also by sun filters which will reveal more detail on your projection from a telescope. Before you attempt anything with a scope and the sun, I would do...
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    Is engineering right for me?

    Well judging from the school system you are describing along I assume that you are in the US. If this is the case then I cannot speak really for how its taught in US but I can tell you that if you have a good grounding in Physics, maths and English then you should be ok. Alot of what you learn...
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    Is engineering right for me?

    I am a Civil Engineer in the UK. It's hard work study wise and although i qualified some 10yrs ago, now im still learning. That is the nice thing about our job. You continue to learn and watch your designs realised in practice. I am currently working on several projects including a school for...
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    Thought experiment(escape from black holes)

    As he enters the blackhole, if he were to look back he would see the universe age at an increasing speed due to time dilaiton. so even if he were to try this idea of escape he would probably think its not worth it as he would see the universe end in what ever way this may happen.
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    Traffic Sensors

    I worked in a Highway Authority some years back so heres the low down. Firstly, yes all they do is count traffic. They are normally two wires for either ensuring that the right direction of the traffic is being counted, or purely for redundency in case one gets damaged by a vehicle, as they...
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    Nature of Time (please help settle a bet)

    A book I would suggest, which is quite enlightning in regard to time thoery and conjecture is "About Time" by Paul Davies. I think its about 4 years old now but I beleive most of the theories considered are still current.
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    Daughter needs help with crazy physics instructor

    put a lid on it and turn it upside down
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    Winter Thunder

    just an aside, but here in the uk we had snow storms last week which had lightning in them.
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    Projectile Fired Upward

    You have not supplied enough information. You would need to know the size, mass of the object to factor in wind resistance and kentic energy along with the effect of gravity.
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    Time Travel - what alot boll'clocks'

    Hmm is it? My definition of (forward) time travel is a machine into which I can step press a button and within minutes be 50 yrs in the future. This is entirelly possible with time dilation in relation to speed of an object. For example if you were take a machine and punch in date, say 2040 you...
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    Helping My Kid With A Physics ?

    Just a quick note. everyone so far has assumed that the seesaw is symetrical and if this is the case then they are correct in assuming that its weight has no bearing on the problem however if it isnt then it would. For example: If you take a 10kn seesaw which is 10 metres long but the fulcrum...
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    Communication with Extraterrestrial Life

    I think this should be our galaxy not the universe for 10,000 possible intelligent life forms. Anyway I believe that each broadcast from a civilisation is like an expanding donut. i.e. from when radio technology is discovered to the eventual destruction of the civilisation which produced it. Or...
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    Ice Cube

    I disagree. The ice cube is made wholly of water in a cryistaline form and therefore its mass although lower than liquid water would still diplace the same amount of water as is contained within the cube. if the cube melts the water from it will replace exactly the water that was originally...
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    A fradgile planet

    It should be noted that the distance we are from the Sun only has a marginal effect on the variant temperature on earth if this wasnt true then our elliptical orbit would see us drift from boiliing to freezing conditions on a planet wide scale. It predominently has to do with the atmosphere and...
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    Can mass be created or destroyed?

    Originally posted by Cyberice Can mass be created or destroyed? Hmm It depends what you mean by created? From articles I have read in the past it is possible for a particle to pop into exsistence but it has to borrow energy from our system. This is a short lived life and quickly has to...
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    Movie: K-PAX, makes sence?

    It is my understanding that there may indeed be particles that travel faster than the speed of light "tachyons" and that they can travel at any multiple of c. However it is also my understanding that as we exist in the universe as <=c we cannot detect anything that is >c. We will therefore never...
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    Film the Core question

    I have not seen the film however in the advertising they say that they must stop a weapon that will stop the earth spinning. I was wondering what orbital effect this would have on the earth in realtion to the sun and moon. I also wondered what gravitational effect this would have on us standing...