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    Taking AP Phys (Mech) in 11th grade with no Phys experience?

    In my program, you're actually required to take AP Physics Mechanics after taking Calc AB, with it being your first physics class, so I assume that prior physics knowledge isn't needed.
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    High School Age 14 subject options

    You sound like you've already made up your mind, just tell your son to take what he wants to take if you feel that strongly about option 2
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    Schools How Rigorous are High School Calculus classes?

    Thanks for the great advice, everyone! I think I'm going to go through Spivak's Calculus in addition to the regular Calculus classes, most likely not in the school year because of how busy I am but in the summer instead. Also, I found out the textbook for the AB class is Calculus: Graphical...
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    Schools How Rigorous are High School Calculus classes?

    It seems you're right, since I just found an online syllabus for our Calculus BC class and in comparison to things I've heard from people at different schools, which vary from Calculus BC being Calculus AB with added topics to Calculus AB being a slower version of BC, it seems our version spends...
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    Schools How Rigorous are High School Calculus classes?

    Hello everyone, I'm a high school student and wondering about the rigor of the AP Calculus classes that U.S. high school students often take. When I say rigor here, I'm talking about mathematical rigor as is commonly talked about with regard to math classes, and also whether or not the class is...
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    Physics Theoretical physics as a backup carreer

    Are you seriously trying to imply that your parents not being smart is somehow giving you bad genetics and that that's all that matters in making impacts in math and physics? I'm a freshman in high school, and to me it looks like all you care about is your supposed impact on the world and your...
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    Engineering Engineer whose true passion is physics

    Why do you say computer aided like it's a bad thing? Is it not known that just about all jobs today use computer aid in one way or another, and that STEM jobs especially use them heavily? And though you're correct that math is very messy high up, I feel like just about any area of...
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    How should I claim mathematics credit for self study?

    I am lucky, yes, I go to a public school that has a program for advanced students with STEM interests. I couldn't be more thankful to live in an area that has such an opportunity, and I'm sorry that your school doesn't offer a good selection of advanced classes, there was a similar problem in my...
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    How should I claim mathematics credit for self study?

    Just out of curiosity, what kind of extracurriculars and other classes are you taking? It's great that you're self studying your subjects of interest, but it's very important that you keep your options open and take classes in things you're not necessarily interested in as of now to see if you...
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    Physics Theoretical physics as a backup carreer

    Ignoring the fact that relying on, planning around, and expecting one to be an Einstein is just childish, I echo ZapperZ's thoughts that a backup plan is what one plans to do if their grand vision does not succeed. If you were set on pursuing pure math and your backup was that if you couldn't...
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    Should I quit school altogether

    All I know is that petroleum engineers are literally being bid on by companies straight out of college and sometimes making 6 figure salaries right away, and although things certainly seem to be improving with the economy from what I have seen this trend seems to be continuing. I have no...
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    Should I quit school altogether

    If you're planning on studying physics just because it's something solid and fundamental, you're going to waste your time and money. One should only pursue physics if they REALLY love it and have a passion for it, and you don't seem to really have a good idea of what physics is like. It's not...
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    Chemistry The difference between physics and chemistry?

    What your teacher said is true, but if you want to go that far than literally everything except math is physics, and even that could be said to be a result of biology like psychology was in that picture above. They're different fields for a reason, of course nature doesn't care about our...
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    How can I talk to an Academic or Lecturer?

    Ok, that definitely helps. I know this probably isn't what you want to hear but physics at higher levels is very much a totally different beast from the physics you'll see in high school, so make sure that you keep your options open as you're just not in a position to know for sure if you really...
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    How can I talk to an Academic or Lecturer?

    Being an academic is not a subject. That's almost as general as saying that you want to have a job when you grow up. What kind of subjects do you like? How much education do you have right now? What are your strengths and weaknesses in, well, everything?
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    Applied Math or Theoretical Physics?

    Thanks for the advice! As I said, I am trying to keep my options open, and I'm actually in a high school program that specializes in math and science, so I will be encountering more of these subjects and I realize that my goals and interests can very quickly change as I'm exposed to more...
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    As a female, am I inherently bad at "top tier" maths/physics?

    The only, ONLY trend in differences in brain composition between males and females is that due to more testosterone in early brain development males are slightly more likely to be at either extreme in intelligence, either a super genius or incredibly dumb. One being male or female has absolutely...
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    Applied Math or Theoretical Physics?

    Hello everyone, as those of you who have helped with my other threads know I'm currently a high school student and an aspiring physicist. I'd like to start out my post by saying that I completely understand that I am very early to be thinking this far ahead, especially when I haven't experienced...
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    Career in astrophysics or math

    Researchers in an area like Astrophysics are almost exclusively professors in Academia. Being a professor is not just teaching, there is also a huge research component to it, and in areas like physics and mathematics professors often do research with the help of students and can take...
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    What are the prerequisites for basic quantum mechaics

    Thank you very much for that reply! It was very insightful and offered a different perspective from what most others have said. Luckily I have more than enough time to decide if I will pursue independent study or not (right now I'm looking at textbooks for a class offered in some Universities...
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    There is nothing I am interested in

    Your negativity is astounding. People are sincerely trying to help you here, when you obviously do not want to be helped. Everything that someone has said to you you have thrown back at them, blandly and mindlessly turning it away or dismissing it. If you want to wallow in misery forever, then...
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    What are the prerequisites for basic quantum mechaics

    Thanks a bunch for the suggestions! I'll make sure I understand those before I move on to QM, if I do decide to study it. I myself have not taken these classes yet, so I don't know if these topics are covered either. If they aren't, I'll make sure I spend however long I need to independently...
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    What are the prerequisites for basic quantum mechaics

    Thanks so much for the input, everyone! It seems the majority of people are saying that I could learn the basics out of a textbook, but now the question seems to be more, as ogg said, if it's worth it. How much exactly would I be able to learn with that level of knowledge? Would it keep me busy...
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    What are the prerequisites for basic quantum mechaics

    Hello everyone, I'm currently a high school student that hopes to be a physicist one day and I'm part of a special science and math focused program in a public high school, which was started to promote STEM. It's a relatively prestigious and very rigorous program with a full on research project...
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    Bsc Physics in Malaysia

    That was really rude and for the most part very inaccurate.
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    Calculus based physics Vs. algebra based physics

    Even if you start with Algebra based physics you're probably going to have to/want to take Calc based Physics, so I don't see why you'd take algebra based. Make sure you're good on your calculus before signing up, and you'll do great. And don't worry that you're not jumping in immediately, the...
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    Do you combine career with personal life?

    The only thing I did to improve my mental condition was read a book on training your memory and practice mental math while I was a teenager. Was it worth it? Yeah, I'd say so. I've always had a very good memory, so reading the book didn't do too much (though it did help), and the mental...
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    Engineering Finance BS regret - 2nd degree in ME Engineering?

    Why did you post this thread twice?
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    Linear Algebra I advice

    Linear Algebra is very abstract, so that's probably the reason if I had to guess.
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    Mathematical Physics graduate programs?

    Adding on to this, with some areas of theoretical physics are just about on par with mathematical physics or maybe even pure mathematics in terms of rigor. Quantum Gravity, Cosmology, a few topics in QFT, a couple in Astrophysics, Information Theory (not sure if that exactly counts as Physics)...