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    Neutron collides elastically with a helium nucleus

    "neutron collides elastically with a helium nucleus" Homework Statement A neutron collides elastically with a helium nucleus (at rest initially) whose mass is four times that of the neutron. The helium nucleus is observed to rebound at an angle θ'2 = 40° from the neutron's initial...
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    Tennis Ball and Impulse!

    Homework Statement A tennis ball of mass m = 0.087 kg and speed v = 43 m/s strikes a wall at a 45° angle and rebounds with the same speed at 45° (Fig. 7-29). What is the impulse given the wall? Homework Equations Impulse = M x V Sin (theta) = opp/hyp The Attempt at a Solution...
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    Finding coefficient of friction.

    Homework Statement Hello, How do i find coefficient of friction knowing only mass, velocity and incline for a inclined plane? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution