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    How hazardous is semiconductor etching?

    Many of you may be annoyed by my question. I'm sorry in advance. I've just finished my M.S. in Materials Science & Engineering, and have gotten an offer as a Semiconductor Process Engineer. The specialty is lithography and wet chemistry - including wet etching. As an MSE student I learned...
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    Entropy Transfer?

    I've noticed a terrific number of authors talk about "entropy transfer" across a system boundary. But entropy is defined as log(multiplicity), and is a measure of available states to a system in a given configuration. We can transfer mass, charge, energy, from one system to another, and thus...
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    Is 'real space' merely a convenient mental representation?

    In quantum mechanics, a free particle is described by a continuous superposition of wavefunctions, which can be done equivalently in real or momentum space. We can look at a particle's probability distribution in real space, take its Fourier transform, and obtain the particle's distribution in...