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    LaTeX Latex howto

    i've been away more than 5 yrs and can't find the thread that used to tell you how to code latex. you could practise there too without burdening others with your errors. where is that thread? or something similar? in friendship, prad
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    Human population

    i've always been told that the human pop has been going steadily up and up (6E9 in 1999 i think). a site like this seems to support this. now someone has told me this is all a lie by the elite to kill off large segments of the world. ok that's fine - i have no...
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    Parker 61 fountain pen

    this is a unique fountain pen from the 60s in that you don't squeeze anything to get ink into it. you just dip the solid one piece 'cartridge' into the ink and it fills, presumably through capillary action - i don't know what's inside, but i doubt if it is a sponge to have lasted all these...
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    Physics and musical instruments

    does anyone know of any websites or books relating to the physics of musical instruments (particularly brass instruments)? i have a book by moravcsik called musical sound, but it is pretty elementary and non-mathematical. if anyone is aware of any threads already posted here on this topic...
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    Piano string tuning dilemma

    ok certain notes have 3 strings. the rightmost string of a note loops around a peg and becomes the leftmost string of the next higher note. so if you increase the tension on the first, you have to increase the tension on the adjacent. right? well i thought so too, yet i've had 2 piano...
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    Music: conical vs cylindrical instruments

    a flute is cylindrical and when you hit the 2nd register (higher notes) the fingering is pretty much the same as on the base register. in other words, the jump is a regular octave. a clarinet is conical and the jump to the 2nd register is a 12 note jump from what i understand. can anyone...
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    Physicsforums overview

    from the little time i've spent here over the past few months, i am very happy with what i've seen. there are some super neat people. the mentors act effectively and with purpose. the quality of posts are extremely high. the way people help each other out is terrific. all this is...
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    Friction and Cold Welds

    What is Friction? Making contact amounts to the mutual repulsion of electrons on each body's surface. So is friction the lateral repulsion experienced as a result of surfaces not being smooth? In other words, the surfaces have roughness and so 'fit' into each other whereupon the electrons can...
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    Complaining about mentors

    i'm really surprised that even here some people publically chastise mentors on these excellent forums. mentors are volunteers and are maintaining a standard here. they are doing the job that they are supposed to be doing. if there is a disagreement, surely it can be handled via PM or the...
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    Scientific American Online

    I would be interested to hear comments about this site since we are thinking of subscribing. Are there preferred alternatives that can be recommended? Our interest area is physics so perhaps there are things more specific? hey! i just saw there is an interview...
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    How to start

    my son and i are just learning string theory. i was wondering whether there were any recommended websites other than the elegant universe (we have found a couple and they are quite suitable, but we don't know enough to determine if there are preferred sites to go to). also, what sort of...
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    Deleting my account

    I hope this is the correct place to ask this question. Is it possible to delete an account I had earlier? I registered under a different name and email, but due to a mail problem, I never received the confirmation email. So I re-registered with the name I am presently posting with, but...
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    If 2 heads are better than 1

    if 2 heads are better than 1 .... this is apparently a first - or is it a third anyone care to comment on the "environmental warning'? in friendship, prad 'Warning' over three-headed frog ( Children in a nursery...
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    Utilitarianism vs. Deontology

    i have suddenly become rather curious about the 'conflict' after reading this fascinating segment of a post on rhp: "utilitarianism is rather ls like mr spock saying, after sacrificing himself at the end of star trek 2, the needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few. it certainly was...
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    Quantum -> classical

    quantum --> classical i'm new and this is my first post so i hope this is the most appropriate forum for this thread. i had an uncomfortable time with quantum mechanics because i had been brought up on classical physics. i wondered at that time whether it would have been nicer if we learnt...