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    Combining Resistors and Capacitors

    Homework Statement This is like related to a homework problem, but I'm just curious: If we have two capacitors and two resistors in series, the overall capacitance and resistance does not change regardless of the order, right? Likewise, if they were in parallel (like a resistor + capacitor...
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    Force between perpendicular wires in the same plane

    Homework Statement I was just wondering, so lets say there are two current carrying wires in the same plane that are perpendicular. One of them is infinite length, the other is a wire segment some distance away from the first one and perpendicular to it. What's the force on the wire...
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    Equivalent Capacitance of Complex Circuit

    Homework Statement Determine the equivalent capacitance of the combination shown in Figure P26.75. Suggestion: Consider the symmetry involved. Homework Equations Parallel is: C1+C2+C3+... Series is: (C1^-1 + C2^-1 + C3^-1 + ...)^-1 q = CV The Attempt at a Solution I have no...
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    Person inside an isolated conductor

    Homework Statement You are inside a large, hollow conductor that is isolated from the ground. There is a large charge on the conductor. If you touch the inside of it, will you be harmed? What if you had a charge with opposite sign of that on the conductor? Homework Equations N/A...