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  1. Boudy

    I Need Aproximate expressions for : ln(x) and 1/ln(x) Thanks

    Hi there: I am looking for approximate expressions for the two functions: ln(x) and 1/ln(x) . Any help? Thanks in advance.
  2. Boudy

    A Linear Systems

    The transfer function of a linear system is known in the sinusoidal frequency domain. It is given in its final form as a complex function of the angular frequency ω (not jω ). How to obtain the step response? Thanks in advance.
  3. Boudy

    A Solving two simultaneous integro-differential equations

    I am trying to find a closed-form (analytical) solution for the two following simultaneous integro-differential equations : du[x]/dx= - a v[x] +b ∫〖[1-(y-x)^4 〗].(v[y]-v[x])dy And (dv[x])/dx= - f u[x] -g ∫〖[1-(y-x)^4 〗].u[y]dy With the initial conditions: v[0]=e and u[1]=0 a,b,f,g...