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  1. Ben Harris

    I Piston in a tube connected to a vessel filled with air

    Hi there, i have been working with a problem the past few days and have a hard time with some of the assumptions being made. The problem involves a piston in a tube which is connected to a vessel filled with air. The air behaves as an ideal gas to which the product PV^ζ is a constant. The...
  2. Ben Harris

    Work done on a meteor approaching the Earth -- Is it +ve or -ve?

    Hi all, i am trying to figure out if work done by gravity is positive or negative on an approaching meteor, I have used W(1->2) = integral (1->2) F(gravity) dot dr. and got a result of (GMem/r2) - (GMem/r1). Were G is gravity, Me is earth mass, m is meteor mass and r1, r2 are initial and...