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  1. ViperSRT3g

    Milky Way's Mass

    I just read this article on, and am now looking for any further insight into this. The article claims that the milky way may have approximately 210 billion solar masses of matter within 60,000 ly of the galactic center. If this is true, wouldn't that make the milky way nearly twice the...
  2. ViperSRT3g

    Question on Universal Expansion

    I was reading an article about the recent type Ia supernova in the big dipper when the question popped into my head that I've forgotten about until now. Since we use the Ia supernova as our candles to measure the expansion of the universe, how do we know that everything is accelerating...
  3. ViperSRT3g

    Experimenting with Superconductors and Pressures

    I apologize beforehand for my lack of experience in searching through scientific articles or journals. But I was reading an article about super conductors, and then the question popped into my head. Has anyone heard of an experiment that tested various known superconductors under different...