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    Schools How do I decide on a college major?

    I'm a college student who's interested in the following sciences: physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and computer science. (In high school I did ok in all of them, but had no particular interest in any.) So, how could I decide which one to pursue? Also, I want to get a PhD and...
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    Breadth of jobs in biolgy as opposed to other natural sciences

    According to most science jobs websites, like, the number of jobs in biology far exceeds the number of jobs in every other natural science, like physics or chemistry. What gives?
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    Physics vs. Chemistry undergrad

    I'd like to pursue an undergraduate degree in either physics or chemistry, starting this fall in Europe (where students must choose what to study before commencing studies). Both are physical sciences that study matter, albeit from different perspectives. How could I decide which one to...
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    Studying Studying Biology or Medicine in different countries

    I just graduated from high school and I want to continue my formal education by studying for a bachelor's degree in science. Biology is the science I am most keenly interested in, but here's where my dilemma kicks in: should I study Biology or Medicine? (I assume you're from the U.S., so let me...
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    Maths textbooks for a high school graduate

    I recently graduated from high school, but I didn't study any Mathematics at all. I, however, want to teach myself Mathematics from scratch, even though I know basic operations, such as division, addition etc. So, I'm looking for one or more Maths textbooks that must cover these areas...
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    Can I forget a language?

    I'm proficient in two languages. I'd like to 'forget' my native language. Is this possible? Given that I'll immigrate to a country wherein my native language isn't spoken, I'll probably forget some words. But can I achieve complete forgetfulness? Thanks.
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    Medical What medical specialities deal with suspended animation, cryonics and hibernation?

    What medical specialities deal with suspended animation, cryonics and hibernation?
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    Undergraduate textbooks

    I'm looking forward to buying some general undergraduate-level textbooks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. What are your suggestions?
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    Neuroscience careers

    Hello, people! I'm fond of studying the nervous system and I'd like to pursue a career related to it, but I don't know which path to take:pratice(MD) or research(PhD). Here's a rough comparison of how these jobs are to me: MD(neurologist or neurosurgeon)=safe, tedious, well-paid job...