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    Programs Can i get a masters of engineering with a physics degree?

    You're talking to one right now. BS in Math and Physics MS in Physics MA in Electric Vehicle Engineering
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    B How to calculate the uncertainity errors

    Hi there. I would like to ask you about your grasp of computing uncertainties in general. Are these experimental data points that you are using?
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    Asymmetric Carbon

    Hi Gracy, It would help if you would let us know what level class this is for. The explanation level should greatly depend on that.
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    Thermal expansion over a large temperature range

    Most thermodynamics formulas were worked out in Kelvin and hence you should either look for the modified version in Celsius or simply convert your temperatures to Kelvin. As for the expansion coefficient, the accuracy of the values becomes more important (over the averaged one) the smaller the...
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    Gauging the amount of Lignin in biomass
  6. copper-head

    Gauging the amount of Lignin in biomass

    I am looking for a way to measure out the amount of lignin in a given forest waste. Does anyone have any insight?
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    XRD for grain size measurement

    There are a few books out there, one of my favorites is Solid State Physics by Rook and Hall. Explains the concept of XRD and how to effectively use the Scherrer equation. Diffraction can inform you on a lot more than grain size. Also you can try this...
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    PV battery potential... need help coming up with experiment

    This is not enough info to establish if it the observed phenomena is indeed stored charges in an electric field (capacitance) or a simple "fluke". As you stated you need tests to establish that, one good way to go about it is to have a cycler. It would also help if we know what your electrodes...
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    Hazardous substances

    Tried and true. Wrap it around a beaker and place it in a vacuum over for an hour = disaster. On the other hand, do the same next to a steam source and slippage and peeling starts to occur.
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    Ultrasonic extraction of essential oil from ginger

    I think you'd need to provide some description of the experiment and what you are hoping to achieve.
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    Hazardous substances

    Other factors play an important role in how well this system works: Ambient pressure and most importantly humidity. Paraffin starts misbehaving a couple of hours after being exposed to an extremely dry atmosphere and its surface starts to deteriorate. Small dust particle of the surface between...
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    Making Carbon pellets with PVA

    If anyone is interested, here's a possible answer: PVA will not react with Carbon at 300 degree. The resistivity of PVA will play a minimal role in over all conductivity of the pellet if its presence is limited to <2%.
  13. copper-head

    Making Carbon pellets with PVA

    Hey there. I am making Carbon pellets using polyvinyl alcohol as a binder to help shape the pellets. I would like to measure the pellet's conductivity without being hindered or influence by the conductivity of the PVA. One way to do it is to heat the pellets to 300 degrees and evaporate the PVA...
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    Angular velocity of a rod - translational KE?

    Quick question. How familiar are you with Lagrangian mechanics?
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    Freeze drying Phosphoric acid

    AN Update: Contrary to my expectations, it worked! the gooey phosphoric acid soaked material turned into powder 4 days later. If anyone is interested in the vacuum chamber schematics, let me know.
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    MATLAB Enlarge figure in MATLAB

    Most new versions of Matlab can generate a script for button function.
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    Freeze drying Phosphoric acid

    Well, the idea is to dry this carbon which is soaking in Phosphoric acid to obtain carbon-phosphoric acid powder to be later activated at high temperature under inert environment. This creates surface groups on the carbon as well as increases porosity.
  18. copper-head

    Freeze drying Phosphoric acid

    An update. I built a small size vacuum chamber and placed the Phosphoric acid soaked material in a petri dish inside the chamber. After pumping the air out, I place the chamber in the freezer. After 24 hours there was build up of sublimated vapor in the chamber, so I pumped that out one more...
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    Transmission Electron Microscopy

    Ok. Simple enough. Here's what I would do: If this is not a novel material, i.e. someone has done this before (reported in literature), compare the images they got with what you had for consistency. TEM devices allow you to add a scale to your images, so you can get an idea of the size as your...
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    Transmission Electron Microscopy

    Look, this is a very broad subject. If you are simply looking for a quick, wide-view of what Transmission electron Microscopy can do, the Wikipedia page is pretty detailed in that regard. I guess I'm trying to say that a TEM image can inform you about a broad range of features in the sample...
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    Cigarette lighter in the fridge?

    Exactly, the Butane would still be in liquid form.
  22. copper-head

    Cigarette lighter in the fridge?

    Hello. Placing the lighter in the fridge or freezer will likely not cause any harm as Butane's freezing point is too low for a household freezer (-220 F). Your arch enemy would find the lighter "as is". Now, an annoying trick would be to put the lighter in an ice cube and leaving it for him to...
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    Freeze drying Phosphoric acid

    Hello all. I have carbonaceous material soaking in Phosphoric acid. I'd like to anneal it under an inert environment to activate the carbon. One method used in literature involved freeze drying the mixture and annealing it as is, as opposed to filtering or centrifuging the mixture. However, I am...
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    Testing the quality of twisted pairs

    Hello all. I was wondering if there is a method or a device to check the quality of the twists on twisted pairs cable harness vis-a-vis EMI. i.e. someway (to tell is the twists are good enough to pass EMI testing). Cheers
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    Isomorphism with GLn(R)

    That is totally awesome. THANK YOU GUYS. They actually had a copy of the book at the library! The problem now became very easy.
  26. copper-head

    Isomorphism with GLn(R)

    Alright, that was a brilliant way of approaching it! Thank you for clearing my path a bit! However I'm afraid that i am not familiar at all with group actions! As for the Cayley theorem proof, i built the isomorphism between two groups using F(x) = ax where a is an element of my random group g...
  27. copper-head

    Permutations commuting with their powers

    I have found some stuff on Centralizers online, and i think i understand the concept. I am however unable yet to make the connection with my problem. If "The centralizer of a permutation is the set of all permutations which commute with it" how do i prove that the only set that works are the...
  28. copper-head

    Isomorphism with GLn(R)

    Hello. My book offers this statement with no proof, i have been searching in other books with no luck ! I'm beginning to question whether or not the statement is valid at all ! Here it goes: "Every group G of order n is isomorphic to a subgroup of GLn(R)" Could someone please help me out...
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    Inverse Matrix

    This is quiet an easy thing to do. Row operations are many but the most basic ones are addition of two rows, substitution and multiplication by a scalar. Your goal is to make look like 1111 1000 1113 0100 1133...
  30. copper-head

    Permutations commuting with their powers

    I see. It is actually not a homework problem, since I'm trying to tackle this on my own. I do appreciate you pointing the right way to think about this. I wonder if you could suggest further reading on the centralizer concept as i am not familiar with it. Thanks in advance.