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  1. ViperSRT3g

    Milky Way's Mass

    Yes, I Googled the mass of the Andromeda galaxy and found the wikipedia page on andromeda with the stated mass which is how I based the approximate twice the size statement. I'm looking for further insight into other studies that focus on the mass of our own galaxy as it is the one that is under...
  2. ViperSRT3g

    Milky Way's Mass

    I just read this article on, and am now looking for any further insight into this. The article claims that the milky way may have approximately 210 billion solar masses of matter within 60,000 ly of the galactic center. If this is true, wouldn't that make the milky way nearly twice the...
  3. ViperSRT3g

    Stargazing Why no telescopes on the moon?

    Now this has raised the question of why such a telescope couldn't be positioned on the lunar poles to allow for observations, communications, and power? It wouldn't be ideal, but it would allow for a very large telescope.
  4. ViperSRT3g

    Ceres/Mars as manufacturing outposts (analytic exercise)

    Not sure if it was already mentioned, but Ceres does have the added benefit of having launch window periods at a little more than a year over Mars' 26 months. Launches can be done at nearly twice the frequency for Ceres, even if it is double the distance of Mars. No matter what, any current...
  5. ViperSRT3g

    A "Magnetic Assist" Flyby?

    I would like to know if the physics behind this would vary with object mass. I think smaller particles would be greatly affected by this more than larger objects (Because black hole).
  6. ViperSRT3g

    Proof that the moon is closer to Earth than the sun

    Showing the phases of the moon with a tennis ball and flashlight should make things clear about how the moon goes through its phases, and why it does so. Visibly showing that it HAS to go between the Earth and the Sun at some point.
  7. ViperSRT3g

    Could you send an object into space completely without fuel?

    This concept is entirely possible, if the atmosphere didn't get in your way to stop your projectile from reaching space without completely disintegrating. If the atmosphere were magically removed, yes the objects you launch can certainly get into space. As everyone said before, it wouldn't...
  8. ViperSRT3g

    Can you have an antimatter black hole?

    This makes me wonder if the two types of matter have any effect on each other upon falling into a black hole. But a black hole will still pull in the things around it as it is a gravitational phenomenon.
  9. ViperSRT3g

    Is it theoretically possible for a star to orbit a planet?

    In short, the answer is no. A planet will always have less mass than a star.
  10. ViperSRT3g

    Black holes cannot exist

    Google the term "Planck Star." You may find it very interesting when describing black holes in a new fashion.
  11. ViperSRT3g

    My email keep sending out virus

    It sounds as though it may be a spoofed email being sent to your stepson and made to look like it's coming from you.
  12. ViperSRT3g

    How to view space online?

    Nothing fancy, but here's Google's version of maps, except for the sky!
  13. ViperSRT3g

    How do I get started with Internet of Things programming?

    I would recommend the Arduino microcontrollers (Arduino Micro if you want a smaller version) and the Raspberry Pi. They're both great for simple projects and won't break your wallet. Each one has various ethernet, wi-fi, and bluetooth hardware that you can add for connecting together.
  14. ViperSRT3g

    Pluto as a Collisional Family

    I'm not sure if we can consider them a collisional family with the data we currently have on Pluto. Perhaps in the future when we obtain more data from the New Horizons probe, we could verify whether or not they originated from a common object.
  15. ViperSRT3g

    Question on Universal Expansion

    Thank you so much Marcus, that definitely clears it up just about perfectly for me.
  16. ViperSRT3g

    Question on Universal Expansion

    I was reading an article about the recent type Ia supernova in the big dipper when the question popped into my head that I've forgotten about until now. Since we use the Ia supernova as our candles to measure the expansion of the universe, how do we know that everything is accelerating...
  17. ViperSRT3g

    Is a lone quark possible?

    oooo very curious as to the possibilities of this question. *follows thread for answers*
  18. ViperSRT3g

    What percentage of you are employed/unemployed

    Full Time Employee & Full Time Student
  19. ViperSRT3g

    Generating energy with wormholes?

    I believe it would be safe to assume that the wormhole would probably shrink from objects traveling through it or become unstable and collapse.
  20. ViperSRT3g

    An infinite universe with shape?

    As was stated before, a finite quantity cannot become infinite. Your example shows that you can get as close to 1 as possible, but it will never be 1 BECAUSE it is infinite. The is the exact same idea as the curvature of your circle. You can increase the size of the circle infinitely, and it...
  21. ViperSRT3g

    Enjoyable Enigmas

    Correct! And I thought that would stump some people :[
  22. ViperSRT3g

    Enjoyable Enigmas

    I've been watching this thread all day and have become impatient at waiting for the last puzzle to be confirmed. So I'm posting this puzzle to see if anyone can solve it. (Be sure to make your guesses in spoiler tags!) What is the next line in this series? 1 11 21 1211 111221
  23. ViperSRT3g

    Responding with Why? to a binary question

    This, this, this! I usually respond directly, but sometimes it is much easier to skip the step of answering and just asking why they are asking because I'm curious as to what they have in mind.
  24. ViperSRT3g

    We finally got hit by the winter weather

    Approximately where is "here?"
  25. ViperSRT3g

    Spare time project suggestions

    A Hydrogen Gas Generator. Then you can work out the kinks in making Hydrogen more safe and easily portable for everyday use. Or you can just make an HHO generator and use that as a plasma cutter lol.
  26. ViperSRT3g

    Strange reflectance from periodic structure

    Okay, I was just throwing out ideas as to why this may have been happening.
  27. ViperSRT3g

    Strange reflectance from periodic structure

    If the angle of incidence was possibly off in the experiment, it might interfere with itself and give you data that may have some coherence with the surface it was being reflected off of. Unless the values you are talking about are only from the model.
  28. ViperSRT3g

    Strange reflectance from periodic structure

    How did you verify that the angle of incidence was exactly 90 degrees?
  29. ViperSRT3g

    Logistics of Lasers as Weapons in SF

    Depending on the strength, I'm sure a laser could punch right through something. With today's technology, most industrial strength lasers would most likely set their target on fire if they're some distance away.
  30. ViperSRT3g

    On the nature of the infinite fall toward the EH

    I posted this in a similar topic just a little while ago: