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    Finite state machine, heeelp

    yeah, that's right! In my textbook it says that: v: S X \ell -> S is the next state function w: S X \ell -> \wp is the output function.. but i still don't get it :( Hmm, my attachment is still pending. I've found the same example here ...
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    Finite state machine, heeelp

    Okay, i'm having trouble understanding a finite state machine example in my :yuck: book. It's a state table for the machine M = (S, \ell , \wp , v , \omega ) where S = {S0, S1, S2}, \ell = \omega = {0,1}. Please check out the attachment:smile: What i don't understand is the v and...
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    Discrete Mathematics - Problems with Languages

    Let \Sigma = { \beta,x,y,z} where \beta denotes a blank, so x\beta \neq x, \beta \beta \neq \beta, and x\betay \neq xy but x \lambday = xy. Compute each of the following: 1: \parallel \lambda \parallel 2: \parallel \lambda \lambda \parallel 3: \parallel \beta \parallel 4...