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    Short Beam Stress Concentration

    Great. It is nice to hear that this guess should be close enough. I will do some guesses at the axial stresses related to the bending of the profile, and include Timoshenko effects in an analytical calculation of deformation as well. Of course some FEA. That should do the trick then. Thanks.
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    Short Beam Stress Concentration

    Hi odmart01 Thank you for your interest in this subject an your reply. I actually know it is not a beam because it does not fulfill the span/depth ratio to use Euler Bernoulli etc. That is also why I wrote: "My beam is technically not a beam", buty still Roarks Formulas for stress and strain...
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    Short Beam Stress Concentration

    Hi there Are any one familiar with tables of stress concentration factors, or the like for short beams for different span/depth ratios. My beam is technically not a beam, but I would still like to estimate maximum bending stresses related to normal stresses caused by bending moment (sigma...
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    Motor Torque Requirements (Hub Motor)

    Hi ! I really hope that someone can help me with this one. It should actually be straight forward, but somehow these calculations really just … Well, perhaps I am just making things way too complicated so I really need a fresh view on things, so I really like to hear some of your inputs, thx...