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    Please help pascal

    I've hot two assignments to do in pascal and i have no idea how to make it :( i dont even have anything similar and i dont have time to search the web for answers now I really need help and i need it as fast as it can be so please if anyone can help me with this i would really reallllyyy...
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    Fourier series

    Hi there!! Can anyone please help me with this one..? Find the Fourier Sine series of f(x)=sin(x/2) for interval (0,pi) thanx a lot :)
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    Find the line integral help

    Hi!! I had exam today and i got one task that i am not sure how i should have made it so i hope you can help me with this one It goes : Find the line integral (i'm not good with using symbols so i'll do my best here) integral by line C from (y-z)dx+(z-x)dy+(x-y)dz int_C (...