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    Schools Research and Nuclear Engineering Grad School?

    I posted a question a while back on medical physics and got great feedback so I'm back again in with another dilemma... I spent the summer doing med physics research and I liked the radiation physics and computational aspects of it quite a bit. I'd like to apply for grad school in nuclear...
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    Medical physics vs. Industry

    Hi and thanks in advance for any responses. I'm a Junior getting a degree in engineering physics, now trying to decide between a Masters in Nuclear Engineering and pursuing an MS/PhD in Medical Physics. I can finish the engineering MS in just two more years as I've already started on some...
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    Undergrad requirements for Medical Physics

    Hi, I'm an undergrad in engineering physics and I'm thinking about becoming a medical physicist. Do I need to have a biology or anatomy course before applying to a PhD program, and if so, which one is best to have? Also, since medical physics internships seem pretty rare, what other kinds...