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    Uni Students today

    I guess it all depends how you are brought up. I myself went to a university and let myself go. As in drinking WAY too much and partying a lot. I was raised next to these type of kids so naturally I took that path. I dropped out after my first year. Just because you go out and enjoy...
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    So I joined the Navy to be a Nuke.

    I just joined the Navy as a Nuclear Engineer. I was in college before majoring in Nanotechnology. I had failed calc III (lazy) and was feeling out of place. I had so many options in my face that I didn't feel like I could dedicate myself to something. I am fascinated in physics...
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    What is the most respectable career?

    In the entire world, what type of profession is most respectable? I know this is based on your opinions. I just want to hear them.
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    Anyone here in MENSA?

    Just wondering... if Anyone here in MENSA?
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    Am i smart enough to be a computer programmer?

    The smart people actually kill themselves. That's how I know I ain't so smart.
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    I'm lost

    I hae finished one year in college. I have completed calc III, physics I. Rest are gen ed.
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    I'm lost

    I don't know what i want to do with my life. I find science fascinating and interesting. But I really don't like studying it. I was going into nanotechnology as of lately. But now I feel like making movies. I have the visual ability and I am good at picturing an outcome. My mother is an...
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    The drunkard thread

    With all the brains about. I know most of you drink to your misery. Ignorance is bliss eh?
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    Medical I am wondering if I am exceptionally visual

    I am not quite sure what you me by "thinking it." I can think just like how you have seen those futuristic 3D projectors that can make an object. But whatever I guess.
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    Medical I am wondering if I am exceptionally visual

    Yea I guess I was just hoping for someone to say I have a special ability or something. lol I guess everyone has an imagination...
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    Medical I am wondering if I am exceptionally visual

    Lets say I am standing in the middle of the street in Newyork city. I can visualize ANYTHING. Not just a picture but a full movie like motion. Like water gushing into the city and I can see the waves crashing into the buildings and the physics are perfect. I can just sit here and dream of...
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    So I want to be 3 things

    I have come to these conclusions: I want to study how the brain works and functions. And use such information to make an artificial intelligent brain(synthetic). Something like that. I want to help develop a space craft that will be available to the average person such as a car is. So...
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    Best part of physics for a spacial/visual thinker & learner?

    I have never restudied anything. I was a huge slacker in HS. I was in Algebra II my junior year. I pulled a C, which was better than the D I got from Alg I the year before. But at the end of my junior year, my math teacher gave us our options of next year's math course. She said to us that...
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    Best part of physics for a spacial/visual thinker & learner?

    structural engineering doesn't sound fun at all. I don't know what to do...
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    Best part of physics for a spacial/visual thinker & learner?

    I am a highly visual person and have always been. I love physics but seem to have been stumped. I stopped my education because of the math. I finally realized that I don't understand the math. I was finishing up calc III and didn't understand it. Granted, I could do the math. But, I didn't...
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    Need help building motion sensor

    I just need it to look at a small area about 2ft away and detect changes in color/brightness. I don't need to track anything. any idea?
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    Need help building motion sensor

    I need a motion sensor that can focus on a very small area(not hawk eye) and detect a change in LED color/brightness. In addition, I need this motion sensor to trigger a cylinoid to press something when it senses. Where the hell do I find this stuff?
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    Spatial & Visual Thinkers

    oh yea... so i can show kids how to color.
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    Spatial & Visual Thinkers

    Alright, I am a VERY big visual learner. Always have been. I learn more through pictures and visual representation. Any audio simply confuses me. Now see, I don't know if everybody can visualize stuff like I can. I assume that you can though. I can picture ANYTHING happening before me...
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    How many of you worked while in school?

    I am working every other day from 5pm - 1am. I have one class this summer which ends at 3:50pm everyday. I think I have enough time to study for that. But when fall comes around, I will be taking differential eq, physics II, and some other classes. Do you guys think I should quit when fall...
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    Which country are you guys from?

    Florida. nuff said.
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    Dropping out of college to pursue career

    Alright here is my situation. I am entering my first summer session and my dorm rent is due. I am majoring in Physics. Though, I have come to realise that I lack the passion of math that others may have. I can't see myself doing this forever. On the otherhand, I want to become a film...
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    Cheat sheet policy at your school?

    I had to memorize 200+ formulas for AP Physics, so feel lucky and study!
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    Switching from Computer Engineering to (quantum)Physics

    yea I can double major but it is difficult with comp eng because of the schedule which already takes up summer classes too. Today I switched to physics major, hopefully I made the right decision.
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    Admissions American student applying to a UK college

    I was thinking after my freshman year... but I guess not?
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    Switching from Computer Engineering to (quantum)Physics

    True ^ My head was about to bust yesterday thinking about physics, nanotechnology, computer engineering(so many fields). For computer engineering, I don't want to work with small things, such as computer systems for planes or something irksome. I want to work for Intel or AMD, or ATI/Nvidia...
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    Admissions American student applying to a UK college

    Q. I’m currently doing an Engineering course at another university. Is it possible to transfer into the Cambridge course? A. No, it is not possible to transfer into our course. The only point of entry is to the first year, unless you have obtained a Bachelors degree in a related subject, e.g...
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    Admissions American student applying to a UK college

    I made a thread about swtiching from computer engineering to physics. I have decided on nanotechnology. I found some degree programs in the UK. Like at the University College London and Imperial College. What are your opinions on this? :)