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    Whats wrong with this free energy experiment

    What is your native language? some of what you say does not make sense - when you say axe, do you mean axes? (x.y,z axes?). I agree with you that it is not good to blindly accept all of physics, but you need to explain yourself more clearly. Do not forget that it is *possible* that you...
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    Resonant frequencies

    You do this by hitting the tuning fork really hard, or not very hard at all, there will still be a sound but it won't be resonating (just like if you push someone on a swing really weakly or really hard, they wil lstill move by they won't move in the "resonating" fashion). Hmm, just re-read...
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    Temperature - is that the right word? clarify a bit on my last post. Thinking about it, really it's your brain that 'does the measuring' of the temperature, and it measures the temperature of your skin. Since your skins temperature is linked to the temperature of the air around it, you (or your brain) can infer the...
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    Temperature - is that the right word?

    What is your skin (or special cells in your skin etc, I'm not sure exactly) measuring the temperature of? thats the question you need to ask to solve the debate with your friend. Your friend says it is measuring the temperature of the air (which seems very reasonable indeed!) and so he came...
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    Good Website for Unit Conversions

    with google you can also type things like "1 mile in centimeters" as well as "1ev=". google also acts as a basic calculator which can sometimes be better than the default windows calculator as you can write out a long calculation and then get google to evaluate it.
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    Whats More Important ? ? ? ?

    imagination is of no use if you don't know where and how to apply it. Interestingly, I think someone who is being taugh physics would actually develop a better and better imagination (especially if they enjoy the subject) because physics demands a lot just to understand it, and I've found your...
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    How gravity arises from spacetime curvature?

    zoobyshoe, in my opinion (its my opinion since i havent actually ever read this anywhere) space is not nothing, or rather space-time is not nothing. There is something to space-time, something that allows it to be warped. I'm sure you've seen the popular digram of a bowling ball (which...
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    I'm quite certain I've discovered the grand theory

    PRyckman, none of your posts make sense and your theories just seem to be a "mish-mash" of stuff youve just read and obviously not understood correctly. You dont justify or explain anything you state, and infact i really did think that you were typing meaningless drivel just as a joke to see...
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    What is nothing?

    Hi, i read the post in that thread but i dont really follow and understand the relevance here. Can you summerise and explain please?
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    What is nothing?

    i dont really understand what your trying to say, but you say there cannot be an "outside" of the universe...and i agree, but my post is still post does not say there is an outside of the universe, it says the opposite! thats there is nothing. That is how i have chosen to define...
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    What is nothing?

    btw to those that are trying to mathematically describe nothingness, if you are talking about the absense of an object on the sapce-time "canvas" then i suppose you can use zero. But In the void of nothingness you cant quantify anything, so i dont think you can use mathematics or numbers to...
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    What is nothing?

    not sure if this is actually true, its just my interpretation of things and what i believe is true. Have you every heard people try and be clever and say "if the universe is everything and its expanding, then what is it expanding into?" Ive never had a problem with this because the way i see...