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    Best institue in US To learn Photography

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    Best institue in US To learn Photography

    :surprised No replies yet....
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    Programs What it takes to get a phd

    What i think anybody on this Earth can do phd who is sincere and can study a lot... But i think it will be useful to those who are really keen on doing some First class work,,,That is the rare group of ppls who want to give mankind something.. For that a guy has to devote himself...
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    Best institue in US To learn Photography

    Can i know about the institutes where this is encouraged?
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    James Bond

    James Bond Style: The character James Bond has a peculiar style of introducing himself by calling first Bond, then followed by great smile & finally James Bond. His style is absolutely killing but he doesn't know the consequences when he meets our great South Indian guy. When Bond meets a...
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    Best institue in US To learn Photography

    Which is the best institue in US To learn Photography and what degrees are given and i mean say that what can be the max degree to which the person can go all the way in this... Love to hear from you soon Regards Goldi
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    Other forums like this one

    ALthough there is an Java forum where reply rate is much Faster but that deals only with Java........ [PLAIN][/URL] and one more quality of this forum is that The person who has serious question puts up duke dollars on the questions and one who satisfies him well,gets...
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    U know this man

    Professor CNR Rao, Chairman, Board of Governors of IIT Kanpur, has been awarded the highest civilian award of France: Professor Rao has been conferred the title 'Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur' (Knight of the Legion of Honour). Also, we just came to know that Professor Rao has been...
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    Some interesting Nobles you Read

    I also read one "Five Point Someone" Very funny novel Has any one read that?
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    Some interesting Nobles you Read

    Hi Friends,, Basically i am new here but i am very much impressed with this Place ....Especially with lot of ppls Along with my academics i have pretty much become interested in Novels.. I just finished 'Alchemist' last night in 6 hours and it was really amazing indeed...
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    My view of USA

    US has progressed on base of has its own traditions and qualities.... Just to say this all is not good is pointless... and the way u are trying to find fault with US is indirect way to say they are gr8... Because love to find fault with gr8 ppls but on one hand if u will start to...
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

    Hi Astronuc,,, What do you think are the advantages of keeping a beard... Doesn't it make you feel like a little bit unhandsome and what about the problems it causes....May be birds can find a place for them :rofl:
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    Courses Course Load

    Can some one Pls advice the good book for Differential equations which is self explanatory
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    Why is it difficult to integrate x^x

    that i would have had tried 100 times...after 1 step i am stuck and there is no way out....
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    Disney® Mania

    By the way i care to ask when you ppls are gonna meet in real......Zz seems quite enthusiastic i will surely wish to meet Moonbear one Day...the Gr8 gal of forum
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    I need to study

    somewhere i spotted you talking eith someone in Hindi....and you know it very well , and you are fan of bollywood too SOmewhere u mentioned about Bachchan in amsterdam.......... very pretty face,,it would be difficult to find even one black spot on yours face :biggrin:
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    Famous People You Have Met

    i have met Shahrukh Khan..... Any bollywood fan for sure is Monique ,Dont know abt. others
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    I need to study

    monique ke uppar log fida hain!
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    Why is it difficult to integrate x^x

    Sorry but i am such a big fool that yours terminology is not clear to me....Last time-Has its integral ever calculated ...or as ppl are saying that it has such a function as integral that has never been defined./so is research going on over this i have a can we integrate...
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    Importance of Complex Analysis

    Matt but it seems to pretty simple..... we are taking h on the complex plane ,,so h must be complex...Does n't that have any role to play? and besides on the RHS of the eqn what is this term ho(h)/
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    Why is it difficult to integrate x^x

    i understand that yeah...but even Mathematica couldn't post the solution in terms of complex functions or whatever high level function it ocntains... there must be a solution to it....What it is?
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    Why is it difficult to integrate x^x

    when i plugged it into the integrator of mathematica it gave it back as same...i dont know why it did not do computation.
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    Complex number problem

    you write z as (cosA + i SinA) and multilply the denominator by (1+ CosA --iSinA)...Simplify it... Answer will come
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    Importance of Complex Analysis

    thx mathwonk for urs wonderful explanation. its greatly appreciated. How will u prove that a function is continuous at a point z when it is given to be differentiable at that point... I am confused which definition of continuity to bring in it here... I welcome yours suggestions and hints.
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    Importance of Complex Analysis

    I wanna hear urs comments on this: How is Cauchy's theorem important in Complex Analysis...
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    Studying Textbook for Calculus [Self-Learn]

    i think Thomas and Finney is an excellent book for Calculus .
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    Complex Problem

    mathwonk thats cool
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    Complex Problem

    Curious solution is quite simple
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    Course on Data structures and algorithms

    Thx Guys.....I will like to try in this way...urs suggestions are very useful.
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    Learn the course Data Structure and algorithms

    Hi all,, I wanna learn the course Data Structure and algorithms.Can u pls all adivice good books and strategy to succumb to this course well. I need urs suggestions badly as i dont have any much background in computers.. Pls help